Four Siblings Under 11 Launch New Cookie Empire Yummy Brothers

Yummy Brothers

Four Siblings Under 11 Launch New Cookie Empire Yummy Brothers

At Such A Young Age, The Four Brothers Each Have Contributions To The Business

For almost three years, the four Billingslea brothers have been creating Yummy Brothers’ cookies made with recipes handed down from their great grandmother.

Meet the Billingslea brothers from Atlanta, Georgia:  1-year old Joshua, 9-year old Isaiah, 7-year old Caleb, and 5-year old Micah.

They are the young founders of Yummy Brothers, a gourmet catering company that makes cookies and more.
It started out as a hobby and they take the cookies everywhere they go.

When they noticed that people loved it, they decided they could turn it into a business.

“Everybody would say that our cookies are really good. So, we were just thinking we could make a living off of this selling cookies,” Joshua told 11Alive. “We went to our dad, we told him that we wanted to start our own business selling cookies and we came together as a family and brainstormed on what the name would be and what the logo would be.”

At such a young age, the four brothers each have contributions to the business.

For instance, Caleb loves scooping the cookies while Micah, who is the youngest, is in charge of the quality control or the taste test.

They are really serious entrepreneurs but they never neglect their education and their supportive parents make sure of that.

“When we bake them and sell them is usually on the weekends,” they explained.

“We don’t do it every day because we’re kids, and our parents don’t need to treat us like robots,” Isaiah added.

Yummy Brothers offer more than 36 different types of cookies, including lemon white chocolate, snicker-doodle, and classic chocolate chip cookies.

They have since added beverages and dog treats as well to their range of products.

Their products are sold online and shipped nationwide.

The four brothers also sometimes go to events to sell their baked goods.

They have since sold more than hundred of thousand cookies, making a decent amount doing so.

Most of their profits have been allotted to starting another business they own called Kidpreneurexpo, which helps other kids to start businesses.

For more information about Yummy Brothers or to order online, visit www.yummybrothers.com or follow them on Facebook @yummybrothers