YouTube Video Drone: How To Start A Drone Photography Business

YouTube Video Drone
YouTube Video Drone: How To Start A Drone Photography Business

Is Your Rural Business In The Drone Game?

The so-called YouTube video drone is an unmanned technology and could take your rural homestead business, and photography to the next level.

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How Can Rural Entrepreneurs Make Soaring Money?

Rural homestead entrepreneurs are trading digital cameras for a YouTube video drone.

In fact, many of them are slowly having an “aha” moment about these remote-controlled “helicopters” with a digital camera.

They’re opting for aerial photos to capture images from a “bird’s eye” view that were once impossible.

Purchasing the ideal YouTube video drone to reach the desired altitudes, or produce professional-grade images does not require a lot of money.

The fact is, there is a great drone for beginners and intermediates, which is called the Drone-X.

This drone has altitude hold—flight control system in which the barometric altitude existing at time of engagement is maintained automatically.

More importantly, it flies below occupied airspace, and the range in which remote-controlled aircraft are typically flown.

According to expert reviews of the Drone-X , it is wonderful!

Word Of YouTube Video Drone Is Spreading

It’s hard to keep a good thing under the radar when rural entrepreneurs and farmers, festivals… can benefit from aerial photos and videos.

Aerial photography of drones is still murky due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

In fact, the FAA prohibits most commercial photography by drone, particularly over urban areas, and with drones heavier than 55 pounds…

However, the FAA hasn’t said anything about aerial photography in rural areas!

That’s great because you can also benefit from licensing your intellectual property of this unmanned aircraft.

Rural homestead entrepreneurs and farmers can feel free to use the technology; and when you do, your YouTube channel will explode!

Meanwhile, you should avoid filming rural neighbors, concerts, festivals and other events where crowds gather.

Some people may become nervous seeing drones flying overhead.

And, there is always the possibility that anything mechanical could fail!

Interestingly enough, your YouTube video drone could make more money outside of your YouTube channels(s).

Of course, you do have one, right?

A YouTube Video Drone Could Mean An Increase In Your Rural Income

With a small investment in this technology, you could see a substantial increase in your rural homestead revenue from “outsourced aerial projects” in 2020.

For example, virtual rural factory tours could be potentially lucrative.

And, it is a prospective market for small commercial drone photography.

Rural Money Tip: Since the FAA doesn’t govern indoor airspace, rural factories and organic farmers can use your drone to create a cinematic view of their operations to wow customers, on their website.

Another market is rural land developers, who can hire you to photograph a property from overhead for a better understanding of the topography.

What would you charge?

Aerial photography starts at $3,000, which includes one day of shooting with two operators.

A hobby-level quadcopter called the Drone-X, which carries a micro-size camera, retails for $140 on Amazon.

Get started with your YouTube video drone business now; and you’ll be ready for soaring sales in 2020.

Rural Money Homestead Garden Has A Drone-X

Rural Money Homestead Garden Drone-X
Rural Money Homestead Garden Drone-X