How To Start A YouTube Newsletter Club

YouTube Newsletter Club
How To Start A YouTube Newsletter Club

A YouTube Club Can Get Lots Of Subscribers And Publicity, If It Is ‘Unusual’ Enough!

If you would enjoy creating club newsletter videos and running a non-profit organization, maybe a YouTube newsletter club is the answer.

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Non-profit fan clubs can make money on lots of things, but do not issue stock like a corporation.

As founder and president, you can charge all your expenses, rent, meals, transportation, entertainment, etc., to the club.

In the video newsletter, you can post information about club members’ (subscribers) birthdays and other filler (see below).

The list below are also some suggested names for your YouTube club.

You can have T-shirts, badges, patches, beer mugs, jackets, tote bags, etc., all with your club name and logo on it.

Why would people want to join a YouTube newsletter club?

“The secret is to understand that like attracts like.”

If you think about your own friends, you will find you have something in common.

Maybe it’s only that you work at the same company and are both Giants fans, but there is some bond between you.

What you need to do is find a group of people that does not already have a “club”.

That may be harder than you think.

There seems to be a club for everyone.

Do you know you can start a YouTube club for redheads?

Yes, that’s right, for red headed people.

What’s more it looks like it will be a success.

“Now, find yourself a group of people that nobody sticks up for, that needs a better self-image.”

The following suggestions are not guaranteed that nobody has ever formed a club for them, but there may not be one on YouTube.

Consider these interesting possibilities for your own YouTube newsletter club:

  • Urban Nudists (indoor nudists)
  • Cradle Snatchers (women who marry men younger than themselves)
  • Fright Folks (those who watch Netflix horror films, etc.)
  • Cradle Robbers (dirty old men who marry young girls)
  • VooDoo Mama Kitchen (people who enjoy mixing herbs, potions, spells, etc.)
  • Cigar Smokers (everybody is on their case, so they need self-defense)
  • Fat Is Beautiful (some overweight people do not want to diet because they like being fat, and so does their boy or girl friend)
  • Half Breeds (children of racially mixed parents)
  • The Satyrs (men with satyriasis)
  • The Nymphs (women with nymphomania/you might have a combined club with satyrs)
  • Perfectionists Anonymous (try to help them relax and enjoy life)
  • Herpes Dating Service (If you already have it, keep it in the group)
  • Cross Bar University Graduates (ex-prison inmates)
  • Cancer Rebels (those with cancer who oppose the cut and burn treatment of the medical establishment).

Well, I got carried away, but you get the idea.

Don’t feel that any idea is too far out or silly.

They very successful magazine SOAP OPERA DIGEST evolved from a few women who watched TV soap operas all day.

You can take your group into the big time, too.

You can send out notifications on your Facebook page and group, Instagram, emails, etc. and get lots of publicity and subscribers if you your club is unusual enough.

After your club gets 1000 subscribers, charge membership dues, sales promotions in videos, plus giveaways, and tickets to special events to make your YouTube newsletter club a substantial online business, to tear da’ club up.

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