Guide To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Personal Branding Cash Cow

YouTube Channel
Guide To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Personal Branding Cash Cow

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Use your YouTube channel to build your brand and create videos that show off your knowledge, skill, ability, hobby and/or passion to:

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Brand yourself

Broadcast yourself

Podcast your content

Create your own video “TV” show

Make a video newsletter

Produce a video log (vlog)

You can do all of this and more to brand yourself while making money by using your YouTube channel.

YouTube will allow you to turn your hobby, passion, business or targeted niche into a video blog or podcast.

Amazingly, you can monetize your projects by adding Google Adsense advertisements.

By creating a video channel, you promote YOU and serve your audience.

Now, let’s get down to business.

YouTube is commonly known as a Relationship Marketing Business.

It is also considered one of the easiest ways to become a wealthy home-based entrepreneur.

And, it’s passive income!

You don’t need to work 40 hours a week for 40 years to make a full-time income.

All you need to do is create a channel, create videos, and start making money.

The cool thing about YouTube is your videos can be as basic or high-tech as you would like it to be.

Always Be Marketing Everywhere With Your YouTube Channel

You can’t just post your new videos with Google Adsense ads on your channel and rest on your laurels.

YouTube is not a game.

It is a REAL business opportunity with a REAL money making platform, for entertaining, educational and technical … content, built on loyal and long-term subscribers.

By using YouTube with your web cam, and sharing interesting content to loyal subscribers, you can sideline building a website until your YouTube channel business is profitable.

Until you are ready to make money from building an “active” blog and getting new email leads, focus on serving your current YouTube viewers and subscribers.

As a result, your bottom line will benefit from their social media shares.

Either one of these e-com style platforms (YouTube/website) require more effort from YOU.

Here are the procedures for promoting your YouTube channel that works:

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Provide a free “here is a solution to your problem” eBook
  • Add the eBook link into your channel “About” and related videos
  • Develop a squeeze page/landing page providing the free eBook
  • Send targeted traffic to the squeeze page that has a link to your channel
  • Capture all the leads subscribing to and joining your channel in a spreadsheet
  • Set up the settings to respond to and monitor subscribers/comments.

There Is Money In Your YouTube Subscribers

Why is it so important to have subscribers on your YouTube channel?

Without them all you have is a channel, but with them your channel is on the radar, which essentially tracks their watch time.

Your subscribers are your fans, but arguably more importantly they are your customer base.

Without a YouTube channel, you are not an established relationship marketer.

Think outside the box and stop wasting time on social media posting pictures … and start capturing your own customer base on your YouTube channel.

YouTube congratulated me for passing 100 subscribers, but I could not have done it without the help of my first subscriber who literally encouraged others to subscribe.

He primed the pump because I really think they like what Rural Money is puttin’ down.

A YouTube channel is a phenomenal online business and tool to brand your rural and/or urban lifestyle for profit and fun.