How To Prepare To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Get The Tools To Be More Productive When You Work From Home During And After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Work From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic
How To Prepare To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Many people enjoy their jobs, but you need to prepare to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic until it’s all sorted out.

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Since many companies, large and small, are allowing employees to work from home, now is a good time to find your optimal work space to separate from family distractions.

And, won’t it be nice to forego travelling to the office for work five days a week?

When you have the opportunity to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, you realize you spent a lot of time on the phone, or in virtual meetings, in the office.

Very little time was spent with anyone.

Working from home is a great option and; it could inspire and prepare you to start your own homebased business in the future.

Although with the coronavirus pandemic, your boss may have been forced to offer this option as a trial and limited change, until the national emergency is over.

Who knows?

This limited opportunity could morph into a full-time remote position.

If it does, think of the benefits and freedom:

  • Your quality of life will improve drastically.
  • You will be able to attend more of your children’s activities.
  • Fit in a mid-day workout at the gym.
  • Prepare more home-cooked meals for your family.
  • More importantly—be more productive for your employer!

You will work from home and love it!

In many countries, during the coronavirus pandemic, it is already the growing trend for employers to allow employees to work remotely.

Do You Have An Optimal Work Space To Work From Home?

You may love the idea of working from home, and how it would improve your quality of life.

But there is one problem.

You don’t know where to start.

What space would you use at home?

How would you handle distractions?

Your Cushy Work From Home Job Won’t Last Forever Unless You…

Prep Your Presentation

You could easily get used to working from home; so you need to be prepared to make a pitch for a permanent boondoggle.

Before your work from home stint ends, take stock of your responsibilities and how well you performed them.

Then consolidate this information into a proposal for your boss.

You have to show them a plan that will prove everything can still be done to their standards without undue strain and supervision.

Take your proposal a step further by setting daily goals for yourself and present them to your boss when you approach him/her about continuing to work from home.

For example, point out what tasks would be easier to complete from home.

Demonstrate how you’re going to meet responsibilities and still contribute to the team and the company.

Putting in these extra points will help show your boss that you take working at home seriously, as opposed to viewing it as an opportunity to work less.

What’s In It For Your Employer?

After your boss see you have a good handle on executing your duties remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, explain what’s in for the company.

For example, if your job is not customer-facing at all, there is no reason to be in the office.

You can save the company money by working from home.

There is less cost to the company for utilities, supplies, (add savings here).

Let your boss know that you will pay for your own gas or dry cleaning, home Internet, etc.

Show them that you accept the opportunity as a benefit and a choice you are making.

Ultimately, the company can realize savings on practical costs, along with increased productivity.

Address Any Concerns Your Boss May Have

Despite your best efforts for a professional proposal, your boss may still have doubts.

That’s where patience and resourcefulness come in.

Be prepared to make your case of why it makes sense for you to continue working from home, after the coronavirus pandemic.

Problems your boss may have is that since he/she may have concerns about goals being met.

In addition to taking the previous mentioned steps, do everything you can to prepare for a face-to-face presentation.

Make sure you have the technology in place to support the job.

A strong Internet connection, cell phone accessibility, and conference tools such as Skype for Business, can all bring a measure of assurance to your boss.

Put your boss at ease by outlining your technology preparation.

Make it known you will be accessible whenever needed.

Once you get the go ahead to proceed, start setting up your work space.

You will need an area that’s conducive to a working mindset, with a quiet and solitude needed to focus on your job.

From a small corner of a room, to the back deck leading to the spacious outdoors, your home contains many creative options.

The key is a space with optimal success for getting the job done.

If you’re ready to forego face time with co-workers and the feeling of being with them, you’re probably ready to make the big leap.

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