Reduce Winter Energy Costs And Stay Warm For Less Money

Winter Energy Costs

Reduce Winter Energy Costs And Stay Warm For Less Money

Have You Counted The Costs Of Winter Energy Use?

Whether you are using renewable energy or theoretically an inexhaustible source of energy, it all has a huge impact on your winter energy costs.

Your fireplace can be a center for warmth and beauty, or be the cause of significant energy loss.

Close the fireplace flue when not in use.

When smoke’s not going up the chimney, warm air from the room is.

Consider a fireplace enclosure to optimize heat delivery and minimize energy loss.

Open draperies on windows facing south to let the sun help heat your home during the day.

Be sure to close them at night to reduce drafts.

Confirm your insulation is up to code, and add more if necessary.

Use ceiling fans to circulate warm air back down into the room (hot air rises).

Check the fit of your attic access door or pull-down stairs.

Weather-strip and insulate the door where needed.

Keep your garage door closed if the garage door is attached to your house.

Make sure the bottom edge of the door is weather-stripped and sealed tightly.

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