Why Marry For Rural Money: Make It Big With A Home Business

Why Marry For Rural Money
Why Marry For Rural Money: Make It Big With A Home Business

It Could Be A Long Journey To Marry For Rural Money!

Why marry for rural money since there is probably more work involved in the process; but we all have to work at something in order to eat.

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On the other hand, if you don’t mind using your knowledge, skills and abilities, then you already have what it takes to make rural money.

People are always telling me that they don’t know how to make money, but all it takes is knowing how to speak and think.


If you can think and talk, have a cell phone and an Internet connection, then you don’t have to marry for rural money.

For the sake of repeating myself, here are some rural money making ideas to make a sustainable income, from home.

Even better, create a website to teach others how to do what you do successfully, and make money endlessly off of just one sale.

There Are So Many Ways To Make Rural Money


Instead of inventing a product, find someone with a patent who doesn’t know how to market it and sell it for them.

Go to uspto.gov and find individuals with patents for things you consider interesting.

Talk with them to see if you can sell, promote or market their product.

Creative Real Estate

Instead of owning a house and selling it, find a house that is for sale at a great price then get it under contract.

Where it says BUYER, write your name and the verbiage “and/or assigns.”

This gives you the right to resell the home to an investor and make money on the spread.

You get an “assignment fee”—often $5,000 to over $30,000 that is guaranteed at settlement.

Each state has different rules regarding this, so make certain to research before you take action.

Affiliate Sales

Become an Affiliate Marketer of a product.

Find a product you want to sell—one that has a hungry, large group of buyers and promote it.

You will be given a link to track your sales and will be paid just for referring people to the product.

Hire someone who is an expert at getting traffic or doing CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) deals.

This means you will have a lot of people looking at the deal and won’t pay until money is in your account.

Joint Ventures

You can become a Joint Venture Specialist.

Find someone with a product they are having difficulty marketing.

Then, find someone else who has a large list of people who buy similar products or services.

Introduce the two parties—while taking a 10 to 50 percent cut for your work.

Start local or with vendors you are already working with, and start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Do your research.

Information Products

Create an information product by recording interviews with experts that have a large following and sell the product to that market.

Then find someone else that has a large list of people who buy similar products or services.

Introduce the two parties, while taking 10 to 50 percent commission for bringing them together.

Start local with businesses you are already working with.

Start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


I know, I know… it seems like everybody is writing a book or you may think that everything has already been written about.

The latter could not be further from the truth.

If you are knowledgeable about a topic that interests you, it probably interests many others as well.

And it doesn’t have to be nonfiction.

Write an eBook that doesn’t incur any printing or shipping costs–especially since Amazon Createspace is phasing out it’s publishing to Kindle.

Tax Liens

You can make a profit on tax liens so research and start searching your local tax office for tax liens.

Most counties in the U.S. pay people to repay back taxes on properties for a great percentage.

Therefore, you could end up paying pennies on the dollar for a house that’s backed by the government.

Forget houses with strict homeowners association rules where you get fined for not mowing the lawn.

Make certain that any system you purchase to teach you how to do this uses current information, as it changes often.

Also, be sure it is not a scam and that it gives you both the good with the bad about doing tax liens.


Create the world’s largest barter store online.

Instead of paying for services, let users trade them.

That’s how the Home Shopping Network started.

Set up categories that allow users to barter for free press, free airfare, free hotel, free products, free services, etc.

It’s only limited by your imagination.

Search online for the word “barter” to find huge communities that swap millions of dollars worth of services and products daily.

Charge a small membership fee and you could become a billionaire.

Your Own Business

This is my best recommendation of all.

If you have a skill that you have been using to make someone else a lot of money, then it is time to be your own boss.

You can find clients because of your skills, charge less in the beginning, or charge commission only.

Outsource by hiring virtual assistants, etc.

Google virtual assistants Philippines to find people to outsource.

You can negotiate work for whatever you are willing to pay.

Get help and keep most of the profit.

Marry For Money Is Your Own Business, Too

Last but not least, with inflation everywhere, getting married could help you to generate passive income on a regular basis.

Why shouldn’t you marry for money?

It’s your business; and Ancient secrets tell how to marry for rural money by solving problems.

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