Website Rental: 2 Cyber Real Estate Tips For Regular Income

Website Rental
Website Rental 2 Cyber Real Estate Tips For Regular Income

Website Rental For A Whole Site Or Single Page!

Website rental is a service agreement that allows a local business the privilege of using a whole site or page in exchange for payments.

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Renting websites or individual pages on your niche site is a very profitable and stable way of earning extra income.

However, the concept may or may not require a fixed agreement.

Cover the terms of rental similar to blog sponsorship or advertising.

Make certain to protect your financial interest while offering great value—the privilege of using your site.

Here are two options to consider.

Website Rental Option 1: A Newly Built Website

The idea of website rental is for a user to have a website promoting their products or services, but not have any overall ownership of the site.

Under no circumstances do you want the user to own the domain name.

When they decide to stop renting your website, you still own the domain name.

Generally, the website owner charges a monthly or annual fee for website rental.

Website Rental Option 2: Existing Websites

Renting an existing “aged” website that is properly and thoroughly optimized, is like putting your business in an existing building with all the foot traffic you need to be successful.

Most websites are not optimized properly, even new modern websites.

Domains and websites are like anything in the business world.

“How long have they been around” is always a primary concern.

The Search Engines give existing websites preference over newer ones.

So, a website that has been up on the Internet for five years or longer is going to perform much, much better than a new website.

Websites For Rent8 Proven Reasons For Website Rental

There are several reasons why a business might rent a website instead of buying, for example:

  • An existing website that has regular traffic and generates leads for a particular type of business is worth a great deal.

Lead generation can be very expensive.

Leads range from $40 to $300 each for large ticket sales.

For these reasons, website rental can cost much less.

  • Renting a website often requires only a small monthly fee instead of a large fee upfront when buying.
  • New, particularly “local,” small business owners can benefit by saving money.
  • If, a website is only needed for a short time, then website rental is a great alternative to expensive website design fees.
  • Many local small businesses are not aware they need a website.

Renting is a way for them to “test” without paying for a full price site.

  • The website owner is responsible for the technical aspects and upkeep of the site.
  • Changes and updates are often included in the monthly fee.
  • Also, there are tax benefits of website rental.
  • Some website owners offer users an option to buy the website.

The user can buy the full rights to the site either after a certain amount of time renting, or at any time after renting.

You may also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content development services as part of the rental package.

The same reasons above apply to whether a business might rent a single page on your website.

What Does It Take To Do Website Rental?

First, you need to target local business owners (relevant to your niche) without websites.

Second, you need to target niche keywords in the local area.

Tip: There is virtually no competition in local rural areas, yet!

Niche keywords will quickly launch your website to the top of the Google Search Engine results page.

As I stated, there is almost no competition in the website rental arena just yet.

Even if more people decide to do this, they won’t be able to compete with you directly because you “dominate” your locality with niche keywords.

Third, many local businesses need website rental.

They don’t have the time or know-how to create a website that generates leads that convert into customers.

You can also offer to do a Google business listing when they rent your website.

Let them know that you keep the site updated and optimized for Search Engines.

Fourth, since you are the cyber landlord, I recommend building niche affiliate websites that target potential clients.

Then, (email only) ten potential clients and tell them about your website rental service.

By pre-building a niche website and emailing, you won’t waste time in case your sales pitch is rejected.

If several local clients, who are all in the same niche, want to rent single pages on your website, then let them.

Just add them all into a “master” website because it is optimized for a local area.

Fifth, unless you want to design the websites, I recommend outsourcing on Fiverr or use Income Activator.

With, you can purchase one of their niche affiliate themes for your website rental or you can purchase another WordPress theme.

A website rental site should not be an exact copy of 1000 other websites.

The best alternative is to purchase a WordPress theme, several domain names, website hosting and backup, and malware and virus protection.

As a cyber landlord, cloak your domain name ownership details.

Sixth, I’ll tell you like a computer repair guy told me years ago, “You need to know something about fixing computers, which in your case, local SEO.”

You need to know about SEO to rank in Search Engines and make good money with website rental.

When your website ranks on the first page of the Google Search Engine, it is a benefit for potential clients.

Seventh, and finally, you are wondering how much to charge for website rental.

Well, your virtual tenants want to know too, so be up front about all fees.

You can ask for a certain dollar amount per month ($245-$295), but not a ridiculous amount.

As demand for your website rental increase, charge up to $495/month.

Or, you could get paid for each lead you generate in lieu of rent.

More Internet marketers are moving towards passive income, so website rental is one of the best ways to make real money—in rural areas—or anywhere.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about website rental as a potential online money-maker.