How To Make Money As A Walmart Spark Driver

Walmart Spark Driver
How To Make Money As A Walmart Spark Driver

Earn Money By Shopping And Delivering In Rural Areas!

Walmart spark driver service is available in more than 600 cities that make it possible to earn money by shopping and delivering.

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More specifically, spark drivers deliver customer orders from Walmart and other retailers.

It’s simple: customers place their orders online; orders are distributed to service providers through the Spark Driver App; and service providers accept to complete the order delivery.

And, all you need for this flexible, convenient and simple side hustle is a car and a phone!

Walmart Spark Driver Earnings

Earn money while fulfilling online customer orders in your neighborhood.

Ways To Earn

With the Spark Driver ™ App, earning is easy — and there are so many ways to earn!

As an independent contractor, you get to control the types of orders you accept, where and when you shop or drive, and how many trips you make.

Types Of Trips

Delivery – Pick up grocery and general merchandise orders from Walmart and deliver to customers.

Shopping & Delivery – Shop and deliver Walmart orders for customers.

GoLocal – Accept Delivery offers from our associated partners (where available).

How Trip Earnings Are Calculated

Trip earnings are based on multiple factors, including:

Distance – More miles, more earnings. The farther away the delivery destinations, the more earnings you will receive.

Size – Larger orders mean larger earnings. You will earn more for orders with many items than orders with few.

Extras – Does your trip involve more than shopping or delivering for a single customer?

You might receive “extra effort” earnings which may be added incrementally if you encounter anything additional in your trip.

Earn Even More

The earnings don’t stop with completing trips! You can also boost your earnings in the following ways.

Tips – Customers might choose to give you a tip for outstanding service — and you always keep 100% of confirmed customer tips.

Customers can provide tips before and after a trip. Keep in mind some trips are not eligible for tips.

Incentives – Take advantage of extra earning opportunities and promotions provided in your zone.

To see if you have received any invitations, press Incentive Programs on the main navigation, or make sure your notifications are on.

For each incentive you accept, you can track your progress toward your goal.

Referrals – Get rewarded for referring your friends and family to the Spark Driver App.

Just press Invite & Earn in the main navigation to send a referral link.

If you and your referred friends complete a certain number of trips, you both may receive a referral reward (restrictions may apply).

Get Your Earnings

Drivers typically use the convenient option of receiving earnings through Branch Wallet, a digital wallet app which is separate from the Spark Driver App.

With Branch Wallet, you can store and transfer funds, cash out your earnings, spend, and track your earnings history.

It’s easy to set up and use.

You can access your earnings every Tuesday by 5:00 PM PST in your Branch Wallet for no fees.

Branch also has early access options for an additional fee.

These weekly earnings will reflect deliveries completed the previous week from Monday through Sunday as well as tips that have already been processed.

Tips still in process will roll over to the following week.

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