How To Make Money With The Walmart Package Drop Off Service

Walmart Package Drop Off Service

How To Make Money With The Walmart Package Drop Off Service

Walmart Package Drop Off Service Is A Good Gig

Walmart package drop off service is the latest innovation being tested in its quest to catch up with Amazon and leverage its big-box Real Estate.

It is also a good opportunity for unemployed people in rural areas, if you can get it.

Walmart package drop off service trial comes from the most technology-driven guy on Walmart’s payroll, Marc Lore, the Internet innovator who launched Jet.com, and now runs Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce business.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity.

Ship online orders to stores—for delivery by sales associates.

But, where does Rural Money readers figure into Walmart package drop off service?

Be one of the first to approach Walmart with a proposal to offer a local package drop off service!

As Lore explained in a company blog, delivery duty is completed voluntary and lets employees earn some extra income by dropping off packages on their way home from work.

Do you see any problems and solutions here?

Well, I do so let me highlight a few reasons why you should consider this venture:

  • Delivery duty is completed “voluntary.” — What tired employee would volunteer for this? If they do, then they probably won’t do it for long—not after a hard days work on their feet, on Walmart’s hard, cold, concrete floors.
  • Let employees earn some extra income. — That sounds good too, but after a hard days work on their feet, on Walmart’s hard, cold, concrete floors, they may have a change of mind.
  • Dropping off packages on their way home from work. — “All in favor raise your hands”? I can visualize no show of hands because after a hard days work on their feet, on Walmart’s hard, cold, concrete floors, they are much too exhausted, which may cause the packages to be misdelivered.

I would caution you not to put any of these points in the proposal.

If Walmart agree to let you help provide this service for them, then you cannot use any of the above excuses.

Lore further stated that associates can choose the size, weight and number of packages they deliver—as well as which days they’re available.

In addition, Walmart’s software can determine which customers are closest to their commutes.


Those last two sentences are the added benefits why you should consider writing a proposal for a Walmart package drop off service.

Lore further stated that the local-service can cut fulfillment time and last-mile shipping costs, while engendering goodwill with customers and workers.

He has given you the “what” to emphasize in the proposal.

“Walmart has strength in numbers with 4,700 stores across the U.S. and more than a million associates,” Lore wrote.

“Our stores put us within 10 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population. Now imagine all the routes our associates drive to and from work and the houses they pass along the way. It’s easy to see why this test could be a game-changer.”

Wow—they must be paying this guy BIG money to sit in his BIG, comfortable executive chair, with his feet up, to think of innovative ideas!

Although, I agree with his basic idea, Walmart should also use local people in rural areas, where there are a high percentage of their senior citizen customers … to put this test into action.

The program is being piloted at a trio of stores in New Jersey and Arkansas where it often achieves next-day delivery.

So far, added Lore, the response from shoppers and associates “has been great.”

Meanwhile, on the high-tech side, Jeff Muench, Walmart’s business development senior director, has provided an update on the chain’s next generation of supercenters, elements of which are being tested around the country.

Two stores, however, in Tomball, Texas and Lake Nona, FL have been completely redesigned with new floor plans and technological enhancements.

The updated layouts provide more intuitive adjacency, like placing tech repair services near the Consumer Electronics (CE) section, and combining health and wellness into a single department.

On the tech front, CE associates are using projectors to explain and demo connected products by beaming interactive images onto tables and walls, while customers can also shop Walmart’s online-only assortment from floor-standing touch screens, and pay for their purchases in fast-pass checkout lanes using “Scan & Go” price wands.

This, I might add, is also an interesting sequence of events to my point about employees being to tired after work to do Walmart package drop off service.

Their duties and responsibilities are ever increasing with these new innovations.

Granted, people are busier than ever and the world around them hasn’t changed, which is the basis of this concept.

Deliveries Need To Be Made With Walmart Package Drop Off Service

And, should you decide to pursue this opportunity, it’s like running errands and getting paid for it.

In a good-sized area you can probably charge Walmart $15 to $20 per hour (but they’re known for being stingy)!

You won’t need much to start except a reliable car or SUV that’s insured (think like a Uber driver).

Also, I would buy a navy blue polo shirt (without any monogramming) and khaki pants to always look clean and professional, which is a selling point in the proposal.

Include a business card with the service proposal and keep your phone on.

In the proposal, assure Walmart that you will not transport people, children or pets while making deliveries, and that you have a driver’s license.

To be competitive with your prices you need to know how much Walmart pay associates so look it up on Payscale.com.

Make your prices competitive and your services professional.

Have you ever delivered anything before such as a wedding cake, not that it really matters.

Lore didn’t say anything about associates needing delivery experience—it’s a drop off service.

Walmart package drop off service is such a good how to make money in rural areas idea, I’m thinking about doing a proposal.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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