Vintage Country Style Décor Is A Lucrative Cottage Industry

Vintage Country Style Décor
Vintage Country Style Décor Is A Lucrative Cottage Industry

The Future Of Country Style Décor Is The Past!

Vintage country style décor is so much more than a way to decorate, it is a way of life and a way to make a lot of money with old things.

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For rural homesteaders, it’s a lifestyle.

It is also a desire to surround ourselves with the craftsmanship, nostalgia and tangible evidence of those who came before us.

When people who love vintage country style décor see things that beckon them, it is the patina of age that turns them on.

For example, Hobby Lobby is popular because the shabby aesthetics is compelling.

Vintage Country Style Décor Is An Amazing Trash To Treasure Business

Vintage style home décor furnishing is a guaranteed money-maker.

It consists of well-used objects, artifacts and remnants.

And, that is precisely what buyers want!

Buyers are convicted that vintage country style is worth keeping.

It does not need to be valuable or a beautiful collectible to have worth to this market.


For examples, they love things that are:

  • Used
  • Beat up
  • Misshapen
  • Can barely stand upright
  • Have lost lids, etc.

These are the type of vintage style things that people are looking for to decorate their home inside and out.

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Ideas About What’s HOT

  • Planks — Take the plunge to recycle old wood to panel new walls.
  • Landscaping Objects — Challenge the skills of a new gardener with recycled statues, bird baths, hanging lanterns, globes, iron stands, urns, trellises, mirrors, hanging pots, plaques, wall sconces, clay pots/saucers.
  • Country Wedding Décor  — Recycle creative things from the past to create period style with Ball Mason jars, luggage, pickle jars, buckets, wash tubs, frames, burlap, jewelry, hangers, folding chairs, fabric, pie plates.
  • Kitchen Collectibles  — Keep an eye out for these red hot items such as old signs, kitchenware, dining sets, fabric, cabinets, furniture, stoves.
  • Gardening Tools — Gardeners like to furnish their outdoor space with old pieces that still have a lot of charm and life left in them, i.e. tin watering cans, shears, spades, hand forks, buckets, baskets, twine, metal chairs, baskets, carts, wooden boxes.
  • Nostalgia Filled Furniture — When you rescue vintage style furniture for resell, you’ve done half of the work for people searching for old time things.

It’s difficult to explain why vintage country style décor is such a HOT market.

But, this style speaks to tens of thousands of women and men.

You probably remember your grandmother’s house filled with vintage furnishings and cookware.

Yet, she wouldn’t accept anything “new” to replace them.

Today, people love new stuff.

On the other hand, there’s something about the past and nostalgic things that compels them to buy something old, too.

As a HOT money making business, there is no need to wonder what generations after you will want the things you’ve collected or inherited over the years.

There will always be someone that wants these things whether they were used until on their “last legs.”

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As you can see, there will always be a market for vintage style.

When I see more magazines show vintage style, displays in antique malls, imitation farmhouse style at Hobby Lobby, and millennials searching with interest alongside old schoolers, you can be certain that vintage country style décor is a sure money-maker.

Vintage style things of the past are here to stay because they’re in very good hands.

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