Make Money With Beautiful Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage Costume Jewelry
Make Money With Beautiful Vintage Costume Jewelry

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Vintage costume jewelry is one of the fastest growing, and most popular categories on the market to make money from home in rural areas.

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How do I know?

I have been collecting vintage costume jewelry for many years and want to share a list of some of my finds with you.

What Is The Best Way To Make Cold Hard Cash For Vintage Costume Jewelry

In this market, you can easily turn your grandma’s vintage costume and estate jewelry 💍 into cash, and selling on Etsy and eBay or not the best ways to do it if you are an amateur.

My best advice to any aspiring vintage costume jewelry seller is to learn jewelry identification and study a reputable costume jewelry value guide.

Keep your eyes on my blog because I will be revealing all of my secrets to this hot 🔥 rural money 💵 maker!

In the meantime, you need to read this: How To Make Rural Money With Estate Jewelry

As promised, here is a sneak peek at a list of some of my earlier vintage costume jewelry pieces.

My Beautiful, Costume Jewelry Collection

This is just one of my costume jewelry lists, but it will suffice to give you an idea about what to start looking for:

  1. Sarah Coventry Mother of Pearl and Coral Brooch and Matching Earrings
  2. Sarah Coventry Pendant Pin
  3. Lisner Necklace with Gold/Opaque/Pink Rhinestones
  4. Lisner Silver Tone Clip-On Earrings
  5. Boucher Gold Tone Chain Link with Turquoise Glass Stones and Pave Necklace, Signed and Numbered
  6. Marboux Pink/White/Gold Tone Necklace and Matching Earrings Signed and Numbered
  7. Deauville Triple Strand Blue Glass Beads with Contrasting Painted Pearls Choker
  8. Jonne Schrager Crystal Necklace
  9. Jonne Schrager Single Strand Pearl Necklace with Faux Jewel Pendant
  10. Miriam Haskell Purple Glass Bead Necklace with Dangling Pendant
  11. Joya Majorica Pearl Stud Earrings
  12. Monet Silver Tone Metal Necklace
  13. Coro Leaf and Berry Necklace
  14. 12KT Gold and Aqua Glass Stone Flower Pin
  15. Japanese Twisted Seed Pearl Necklace
  16. Pave and Faux Jet Black Hat Pin
  17. Red Carved Glass Bead Necklace
  18. Faux Five Strand Pearl and Open Work Pave Bead Choker with Large Pearl Clasp
  19. Japanese Green and Clear Glass Bead Double Strand Choker with Open Work and Matching Earrings
  20. Japanese Cobalt Blue and Complimentary Shades Glass Bead Necklace 54″ Long Opera Length and Matching Earrings
  21. Japanese Green and Complimentary Shades Glass Beads and Green Faux Pearl Triple Strand Necklace and Matching Earrings
  22. Blue and White Stone Bead Necklace with Gold Glass Spacers 27″ Long and Matching Earrings
  23. White Iridescent Glass Bead Earrings
  24. White Rhinestone Earrings
  25. Aqua Two-Tone Pearl Choker with Large Blue Bead and Pave Clasp

Resource: How To Start A Jewelry Business

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