Venezuela Is Out Of Food: Is America’s Economic Collapse Next

Venezuela Is Out Of Food
Venezuela Is Out Of Food: Is America’s Economic Collapse Next

You Are Responsible For Your Own Food Security!

Venezuela is out of food, but the country’s economic collapse didn’t just happen overnight; the Venezuelans were set up to starve.

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When President Hugo Chavez was alive, the attitude toward the situation was “Let them eat cake!”

The poor population was barely surviving in his regime of poorly built state housing and rationed food.

The state housing leaves a lot to be desired, and the so-called supermarkets offered a limited selection of food staples at best, such as 1 chicken, 2 small bags of rice, and 1 small loaf of bread … per family, per day.

The situation reported in Venezuela caught my attention in 2013, when I saw that many of the food shelves were already bare in state supermarkets.

The consumers didn’t appear to be content with it, but they had no choice in a country where even emergency preparedness is illegal!

Rural Americans Will Be Damned If You Don’t Prepare

If hindsight is 20/20, rural Americans have been WARNED to start stockpiling home-canned food, water, personal and home supplies, in a “stealthy” way, now.

On the flip side, I have it on good authority that the U.S. is “prepared” to confiscate anything they consider to be excessive hoarding in a national emergency.

Who would confiscate your emergency preparedness supplies?

You might be slow to catch on to this, but the U.S. has 50 “States” that have the power and authority to order the military, National Guard, and municipal police, through Homeland Security, to seize your property, in the best interest of the “State” and nation.

In other words, they “communicate identified needs” to Federal,State and regional agencies, organizations, and to the citizens of the region.

Don’t be surprised when those citizens of the region (your neighbors), spy and blow the whistle on you for stockpiling “excessive” emergency supplies.

This is actually being done in Venezuela!

What Will The Government Confiscate?

Your food, personal and home supplies, gold, silver, farm crops, livestock (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens), and any identified need or scarcity.

I have heard horror stories about this type of thing happening before.

Remember the U.S. Civil War and the fact that “an army marches on it’s stomach.”

When soldiers were hungry and/or starving, anybody’s livestock and supplies were confiscated, and it could happen again!

In case you think there aren’t any state stores in America, there are 8 States that prohibits the sale of liquor in private stores, limiting it to government-owned outlets only:

  • Alabama
  • Idaho
  • New Hampshire (sold tax-free, attracting many out-of-state customers)
  • North Carolina (stores are run by individual counties and cities)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington

When I lived in Germany, in the 1970’s, they were still rationing cigarettes, liquor and coffee; and those scarce commodities were frequently traded on the “Black Market.”

That scenario is beyond what poor Venezuelans are facing, because they don’t have bread to eat!

Now, I guess the Venezuelan government want the rest of the world to become their bread basket, since they failed to feed their people, which is what a communist country is supposed to do.

I am concerned that what caused Venezuela to run out of food is happening in other communist country’s, such as Brazil, Cuba, Russia …; and it’s just a matter of time before shit hit the fan in America.

Americans need to wake up, because you’re running out of time.

Sooner or later, eventually, you may be required to register to buy food and everyday supplies, just like the Venezuelans.

Just think about how much of America’s food is imported / traded from China.

When shit hit the fan, China is going to cut off all food trade because they have more mouths to feed at home.

And, the price of basic supplies, such as diapers, soap, detergent, water and gasoline will hit the roof!

Electricity and gas could be rationed too, which would make kerosene and cooking oil lamps and supplies valuable.

Not only that, heaven forbid the cellphone and flat screen TV stop working, because of energy rationing and shortages.

I am not trying to frighten you, but wake you up to the inevitable possibility of running out of food, which leads to other devastating consequences.

This is a man-made problem, but you are responsible for your own solution for your family’s survival.

What can you and the rest of the world do for emergency preparedness and survival, in the next 5 months?

First, you should become very stealthy about your prepping plans because starvation overrides the five senses.

My ex-husband was an Army Drill Sergeant, so he taught me that “self-preservation is the first law of nature, you have to look out for #1 (yourself).”

We divorced and I was left to survive and look out for myself and 2 children.

Second, you need an abundant supply of fresh drinking water, water purification supplies, and potable water storage units.

Third, you must build some type of root cellar for outdoor food storage that’s safe from wild animals, secure and away from prying eyes.

Last but not least, and not specifically in any order, an alternative cooking method, such as an outdoor kitchen with a wood fire, oil lamps and supplies, cooking fuel (wood, etc.) and transportation fuel, which is not easy to store, and may be illegal to do so.