2 Hottest Used Products To Buy And Sell For Profit

Used Products To Buy And Sell
2 Hottest Used Products To Buy And Sell For Profit

There’s A Lot Of Money In These Back In The Day Oldies!

An easy, simple and affordable business to get into is used products to buy and sell for profit that are exploding on the used market.

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Many things from books to furniture, are commonly sold when used.

However, there are two products which are literally exploding into the used market.

These are compact disks and video game cartridges.

Compact Disks Are A Hot Used Product To Buy and Sell

Compact disks have totally replaced records and tapea couple of decades as the most popular way to listen to music.

They have all the advantages:

  • They provide the highest quality sound
  • Won’t wear out like records and tapes do.

The only disadvantage is the price.

CDs retail for around $12 to $17 depending upon the local competition.

The fact that they won’t wear out makes them ideal for the used market.

However, they do get scratched.

People frequently buy CDs and either don’t like them, or get tired of them.

What you can do is buy them for resale.

Advertise in a classified ad that you will buy CDs for $2 to $5.

Pay the higher price for the more popular and newer CDs.

Be sure the booklet insert that came with the CD is included, and that the CD is relatively free of scratches.

Then, you can easily resell them for $7 to $10 on Amazon.

Selling used CDs can also be done online, by mail or in a retail store.

Some collectors only sell CDs online.

And, these CDS are still popular with nostalgic customers.

If the Amazon sellers can do it, so can you.

Video Game Cartridges Are a Hot Product To Buy And Sell

Video game cartridges are a goldmine.

New games for the Nintendo and Sega systems go for up to $70+!

Yet, people buy a game and get tired of it, or figure it out, no longer finding it challenging.

Offer them $5 to $20 for their old games, depending upon the popularity of the games they want to sell.

You can then resell them for $10 to $35.

Make sure the instruction booklet is included with the cartridge.

Both CDs and video game cartridges take up little room, and can easily double your investment upon sale.

Ideally, you should handle both used products to buy and sell, so you can expand your potential markets.

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