Used Cooking Grease: 15 Little Known Uses For Collecting It

Used Cooking Grease
Used Cooking Grease: 15 Little Known Uses For Collecting It

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Restaurants can’t send used cooking grease out with the trash or pour it down the drain so; you can do them a favor by collecting it.

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You can get started with this homebased business by providing 55-gallon drums to collect it in.

Pick it up every two weeks or so depending on the size of the restaurant.

You can sell it to rendering plants or chemical companies.

They pay from $.20 to $.45 per pound.

A full 55-gallon drum will hold about 400 pounds of cooking grease.

First, check the rendering plants and chemical companies in your area to find the ones paying the highest prices.

Then line up restaurants.

If they already have someone collecting their cooking grease, you might have to go that extra mile and promise to clean the grease traps on their grills in order to get an “exclusive” contract to collect the grease.

It is a dirty job, but if you would rather dress in old clothes and be independent than wear a uniform and take abuse from the public for a small salary, it can be a good deal.

You will need a truck.

A flatbed with a power tailgate works best, but you can start with anything that runs.

A trash dolly and some boards will do

You can get used 55-gallon drums from used dealers in person.

Be sure they are clean inside.

Some people in small towns make about $300 per week doing this part time.

A successful operator in a big city could net $1,500 or more per week.

This homebased business is dirty and smelly, but very profitable!

15 Little-Known Uses For Cooking Grease

  1. Household lubricant: Used cooking oil is an effective lubricant that can be used for many things around the house from squeaking hinges to troublesome locks. Used cooking oil also helps prevent rust on metal surfaces and objects such as tools.
  2. Key lock lubricant: If your key regularly sticks in the locks in your home, spreading some cooking oil on your key will prevent it from sticking.
  3. Lamp oil: If you have an oil lamp in your home, you can use your used cooking oil to fuel the lamp.
  4. Furniture polish and conditioner: If you have wood furniture in your home that looks dull or scratched, used cooking oil can be used to polish and restore the look of the wood. Make a mixture that is equal parts used cooking oil and vinegar and use it to polish your wood furniture.
  5. Leather preservative: Used cooking oil can also be used to soften and preserve your leather furniture.
  6. Rattan and wicker furniture protector: Rattan and wicker furniture is vulnerable to cracking. Rubbing some used cooking oil onto the surface of rattan and wicker furniture with a soft cloth will help keep it protected from cracks.
  7. Removing paint from your hands: Paint is one of the hardest things to wash off if it gets on your hands. You can remove paint from your hands easier with used oil.  Rub some used oil on your hands and let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash your hands and the paint will come off.
  8. Soap making: Lye soaps can be made using used cooking oils. There are instructions available online as well as books about how to make lye soap if you are interested in soap making.
  9. Hair moisturizer: Used vegetable oil can by used to condition and moisturize your hair. Heat up half a cup of oil so it is about room temperature and massage it into your hair.  Shampoo and rinse your hair to remove the oil.
  10. Pot and pan protector: Rubbing some used cooking oil on the surface of new pots and pans can help keep them protected. Wash your new pots and pans before you use them and rub some used oil on the surface.
  11. Non-stick gardening tools: Soil and grass can stick to gardening tools like shovels, trowels, and lawnmower blades. Coating these tools with used cooking oil will prevent grass and dirt from sticking to them.
  12. Car cleaner: Used cooking oil can be used to remove tough dirt and debris from any surface of your car including the brakes and the body. Put a little bit of cooking oil on a rag or paper towel and wipe the affected areas.  Used cooking oil can effectively remove dirt, grime, pollen, bugs, and other gunk.
  13. Composting: If you have a compost pile, adding used vegetable oil to the pile can help. Adding small amounts of used vegetable oil will feed the worms that help with the composting process.  Make sure you only use vegetable oil because animal-based oils will attract nuisance animals and cause pathogens to form.
  14. Animal feed: Used cooking oil can be used as animal feed in a number of different ways. You can drizzle some used oil on the food for your dog or cat which will improve the taste for them and keep their coats shiny.  You can also mix some oil in with the bird seed in your bird feeder.
  15. Biodiesel fuel: Used cooking oil can be used to produce biodiesel fuel once it has been processed. There are kits available that can help you convert used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, but this is best done by professionals who can process the oil for biodiesel production.

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