The Purpose Of U.S. Republic Legislators Is To Control Rural Poor

Purpose Of US Republic Legislators Is To Control Rural Poor
The Purpose Of U.S. Republic Legislators Is To Control Rural Poor

Legislators Of Rural Poverty!

The purpose of U.S. republic legislators is to control rural poor by threatening to eradicate America’s most important social programs.

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The Conservative legislators find it necessary to threaten to eradicate America’s most important social programs, which are the lifeline of many rural Americans trying to make ends meet, until America is great again.

Anybody who disagree with this did not feel compelled to send back their stimulus checks to help offset the $28T deficit, which will never be paid off.

GOP threats are like a bully pointing a gun at you, which could have reverse consequences.

The purpose of the threat is to control; so they should pull the trigger on eradicating social programs or stand down.

Low to moderate income rural Americans are in more imminent danger of their on-grid electric and gas being shut off than losing Obamacare.

Republican leaders are so hell bent on eradicating social programs, to cut the $26 Trillion deficit, they would also eradicate social programs for soldiers, veterans and their families to go hungry, while they play political volleyball with their benefits.

When many of these men and women leave the military, they will have to fall in line at the nearest unemployment agency, and join the ranks of the rural poor and disabled.

According to some Republican legislators, these are the only groups receiving entitlements (military welfare system) that are a burden on the government—leaving fat cats alone to scratch each other’s back.

Ironically, how can these legislators address spending reductions and corporate welfare, while benefiting from it?

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U.S. Republic Legislators Are Fat Cats

Every time a bill passes through the House and Senate, more financial aid (free government pork), for their state, is attached to it, hence Obamacare.

Who are they kidding?

Liberals are no legislative saints, but they are keeping low-income rural Americans from starving, which is all Food Stamps allow for, while giving corporations a pass to outsource, and evade taxes offshore in financially devastated countries such as Ireland.

A Country Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

America cannot stand if it continues to promote more suffering of its rural poor and working people.

With the sweeping election of a Republican President and legislators across the nation, the balance of power has changed—in favor of the wealthy.

The moral majority appears to be pushing the minorities to a dangerous end game.

We do not need a dictatorship, Republic or Mien Kamph.

A democracy with all of its faults is just fine.

God said that the poor will always be among us so poor people will find a way to survive, but at what cost?

The poor have not sworn an oath of allegiance, which is required of military personnel.

They will only continue to support this government as long as there is a loaf of bread in one hand—and cold steel in the other.

All Americans are spoiled, despite their individual economic condition, because we all have the right and privilege to provide for our families.

And, when we can’t “do for ourselves” due to disability or unemployment, there are laws in place to help us with social programs.

Unfortunately, beneficiaries of these same laws are trying, with diligence, to reform (control) them.

US Republic legislators are against socialism and for measuring and dividing public resources and to whom it is dispersed.

Is that not socialism?

Many conservative leaders, by nature, and those who joined the party for political expediency, have also benefited from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was a series of economic programs to help Americans get through the Great Depression.

Among the programs were very low-income housing projects and welfare, which were not created for “all” Americans!

And, when I was a little girl, a Black man couldn’t get a job on a garbage truck emptying trash.

Is that not entitlement?

Moreover, when low-income rural Americans, who are always in an economic depression, need to rely on social programs, there is an aggressive push to cut spending.

With these insensitive moves by US Republic legislators who tout that “this is what the American people want,” which Americans are they referring to?

America Is Heading Toward A Political Clash

The public poor is patient and long suffering, but they are dissatisfied with the prevailing negative political situation.

Their relationship with this government is changing.

The President and Republican legislators are charting a course for a tea and coffee party revolution.

And no, we cannot all get along if there isn’t a chicken in every pot!

Political unrest and division are similar to revolt and segregation—its viral.

I hope that the present inconsideration for certain groups of people is constrained.

It is not in our President or legislator’s best interest to make class distinctions that could lead to broken spirits (zeitgeist).

And, threatening to eradicate important social programs such as Social Security, etc. is a serious threat that no one should take likely.

Cutting and discontinuing vital social programs to them mean discontinuing services that are not considered “essential” or too expensive.

Typically, essential services include police, fire fighting, armed forces, utilities and corrections.

Nevertheless, a gambler will put anything on the table to secure his bet and bluff.

Let this threat to your Social Security, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. be a warning to get your house and voting card in order, because you, the poor, union worker and military, are viewed as “the problem.”

Republicans Are Different

Ronald Reagan, who became the champion of conservatism, was once a liberal Democrat.

One would think that by the political attitude of conservative leaders that: Republicans are all property and stock portfolio owners; and liberals are renters with unpaid bills, foreclosed homes, entitlement incomes, Medicaid healthcare and Food Stamps.

When in actuality, even states and local governments are dependent upon federal grants, loans, subsidies and resources to fund their budget.

Therefore, it is hypocritical for holier than thou legislators to cut entitlement spending with one hand, and take federal handouts with the other.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

As capitalists, Republican legislators contributed to the last Real Estate boom and probably celebrated their net worth with the best of everything—expensive jewelry, mansions, and trips abroad at taxpayer’s expense.

However, the negative consequences of the 2007-2008 busts have descended on all Americans, Republicans and Democrats, with mass unemployment, inflation and sweeping poverty.

Yet, conservative legislators are more unified than ever in their verbal swing to eliminate socialism in terms of retirement income for average retirees, unions, collective bargaining and military social entitlement programs.

While the wealthy Republican leaders were immersed in legislating Real Estate speculation and industrial expansion, the rural poor were growing steadily weary of trying to make ends meet.

As Republican legislators’ careers are not dependent on these votes, they could care less.

They are in control of the laws.

If payback is a MF, China is in control of the money! NEWSFLASH: I had a correction on WHO is in charge of the money! Thank you very much!

If Republican leaders are not the proponents of socialism, they are surely the recipients who have benefited from it and are now wealthy legislators of rural and global poverty.

Editorial by Tonza Borden, Blogger-In-Residence

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