6 Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money While Learning How To Hustle

Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money
6 Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money While Learning How To Hustle

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Most of us know the usual ways for kids to make money, however there are more unusual ways kids make rural money that they will love.

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Some of the traditional ways kids make money include lemonade stands, washing cars, babysitting, mowing lawns and raking leaves.

In my definition, anything that is not a business or a hobby is a “hustle” to make fast money.

And, by starting to make money at an early age doing side chores and events, you are hustling, which is not a bad thing.

From my childhood, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Therefore, I was always looking for “another way” to make money.

Some of the ways kids can make rural money are listed below, which can be done almost through out the year.

1. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Be A Chef

At the age of eleven or younger, with the help of parents, kids can sell meals to friends, etc.

Get .50 cents for scrambled egg sandwiches, and more for more complicated sandwiches and meals.

A lot of people would prefer to stay in front of the TV and let someone else cook for them, even kids.

Since the food is already provided by parents, the income is pure profit.

2. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Do Computer Whiz-Kid Service

Many young kids know a lot about computers.

So, they can get paid for programming by the time they are 14.

And, even younger kids can show old folks how to use a computer and the Internet for a fee.

They can learn a few more skills to write code, and set up computers for new owners who are using them for the first time, etc.

Letting grandparents spread the word is a good marketing strategy.

3. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Have A Household Carnival

First, charge family members five cents for a wadded up piece of paper selected from a bucket full of them.

Most have a penny or two inside, and a few have a quarter.

Second, have them throw pennies at a bowl across the room, which the carnival master keep, of course.

If a penny stays in the bowl, they win a dime.

This is a fun home carnival event, and it is amazing how much spare change is earned.

With a little creativity, this idea can be expanded and used at a neighborhood carnival, etc.

4. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Collect Aluminum Recyclables

We collected and returned bottles for a deposit as kids.

Now that more states have return laws, it is one of the better ways kids make rural money.

On Saturdays, collect the cans that people throw all over the countryside.

Ask family and friends, etc. to save aluminum cans, pie tins, etc. for monthly pick up.

It ads up quickly, and pretty soon its worth more than $100.00.

If the kids wear gloves, then they can pick up crushed cans, etc.

Make certain they use hand sanitizer, but this is a safe way to make some rural money.

5. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Offer Personal Chores Menu

If there are many people in the family or working neighbors, then a great way for kids to make rural money is to sell extra chores.

They can make a menu of chores offered and how much they charge for each.

For example, it might include washing windows for .50 cents each, and maybe $5 to walk a dog.

Do not leave any money on the table by not including washing cars, babysitting, mowing lawns and raking leaves.

If the list is copied, it can be handed out to all relatives and possibly neighbors too.

6. Unusual Rummage Sales And Flea Markets

I particularly like this idea.

If parents agree, kids can have “kids rummage sales” or “kids barn sales”, selling not just household things, but arts and crafts and refreshments too.

Parents might even take their kids to a flea market to set up a stand.

One summer, as a budding adult, I sold more than $1,000.00 of my grandmothers’ antiques and collectibles that I inherited.

Kids can sell hundreds of dollars worth in knick knacks glued to rocks, sea shells and crystals, etc.

Cookies and drinks sell well too.

Also, do not forget to sell your unwanted clothes, toys, games, etc. instead of donating to Goodwill.

Bonus – Videos

Evan of EvanTube is a kid and he has made millions by creating reviews of products that other kids his age use.

It is not easy to get millions of YouTube views, but once you do, you will start seeing the money roll in.

Many kid bloggers are starting vlogs to promote their hobbies to make money.

It is a great way for them to learn about business, and unusual ways kids make rural money while getting their hustle on.


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