Underground Motel: How To Start Yours For Extra Money

Underground Motel
Underground Motel: How To Start Yours For Extra Money

There Is A Big Market For Clean, Cheap Rooms In Your Area!

If you have a couple of spare bedrooms, you could earn some extra money by becoming an underground motel from the comfort of your own home.

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The price of hotel and even motel rooms is out of sight; not to mention this industry has been shuttered for an uncertain length of time.

Everybody can’t or won’t pay those high prices, even when this industry come back.

Besides that, each city tries to raise money by taxing hotel rooms and driving the cost even higher.

Get to know some taxi and Uber drivers in your area, particularly those at airports and near bus stations.

Promoting Your Underground Motel

Tell them you offer clean, plain, not fancy rooms for a reasonable price.

For every paying guest he delivers to your underground motel, you will pay him $20 in cash.

Have him call you first to be sure you have a room available.

You may find that there is a big market for clean, cheap rooms in your area.

Why don’t you sign up other unemployed homeowners in your area?

When your rooms are full, send the guest to other underground motels.

You can split the fee.

Check prices of motels in your area to be sure you are much more reasonable.

Word will soon spread if you treat guests right and you could develop a good-sized underground motel business.


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