20 Unique Underground Businesses for Rural Areas

Underground Businesses for Rural Areas
20 Unique Underground Businesses for Rural Areas

Exploring the Intriguing Realm and Startup of Underground Businesses! #undergroundbusinesses #ruralmoney #ruralmoneygeorgia #rural #money #ruralareas

Before you can discover a hidden world or underground businesses in rural areas, there are some things you must know first.

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The underground or underground businesses are considered to be the dark underbelly of society, where clandestine businesses thrive, operating outside the boundaries of legality.

In this captivating exploration, I will delve into the intriguing realm of underground businesses, lifting the veil on a world few dare to explore.

I will only focus on legitimate trades that the average person, homesteader, cottage entrepreneur, hobby farmer, etc. can and are willing to do.

Anything outside of the law, is not acceptable for this family blog.

Brief History of Run of the Mill Underground Businesses

The history of underground businesses dates back centuries, with their roots embedded in the shadows of society.

Throughout history, we can find examples of secret dealings and trades that have shaped the underground economy from variety stores to pawn swaps, which have always found a way to thrive.

These enterprises have adapted and evolved alongside advancements in technology and changes in societal norms, remaining a constant presence even in the modern world.

One notable example of an underground business from history is bartering, an online marketplace that operates similar to Facebook Marketplace where goods are sold for cash instead of bartering.

The government doesn’t particularly like bartering, but it has thrived as a stark reminder of the extent to which underground businesses can flourish in the digital age.

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Types of Underground Businesses

Underground businesses come in various forms, catering to a wide range of legal activities such as coin collecting.

The trade of coins is another profitable underground business in rural areas.

When a country spirals out of control into an economic depression like Venezuela, a huge market of desperate people seeking the things they need on a daily basis, are trapped to use the underground economy when goods are not available otherwise.

Fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, baked goods, tools, etc. also find a thriving market within underground economies.

These goods are traded because people are in need of something else that is useful.

Notable Examples of Underground Businesses Throughout History

Throughout history, there have been numerous notable and positive examples of underground businesses that have left a lasting impact on society.

One such example is The Atlanta Underground.

1920 – 1929: The Viaducts Create a “City Beneath the Streets”

“During the 1920s, construction of the concrete “viaducts” elevated the street system one level to permit a better flow of traffic. Merchants moved their operations to the second floor, leaving the old fronts for storage and service. Thus, giving birth to what is now Underground Atlanta.”

Reasons Why People Engage in Underground Businesses

The motivations behind individuals engaging in underground businesses are complex and multifaceted.

Economic factors play a significant role, with poverty, lack of opportunities, and societal inequalities driving some individuals to turn to underground businesses in rural areas.

The allure of available necessary goods and products are also a strong motivator.

In some cases, individuals may be drawn to the power and influence that comes with running an underground business for the thrill of control and dominance.

Additionally, the allure of a better lifestyle than most customers have can also influence individuals to enter the world of underground businesses.

Underground Businesses Impact on the Economy
Underground Businesses Impact on the Economy Image Credits

The Impact of Underground Businesses on the Economy

The ‘impact of underground businesses on the economy’ is really a misnomer, since an economic collapse is the root cause of underground businesses in rural areas.

Underground economies DO NOT generate significant revenue and employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas where economic opportunities are limited.

There are only positive consequences of underground businesses run by dad and mom trying to feed their families with one of the unique 20 underground businesses listed later in this post.

Not being able to participate in an underground business society could inevitably place a heavier burden on families, individuals and society if they are thrust into a catastrophic economic collapse, lasting more than a few years!

Government Efforts to Combat Underground Businesses

Governments around the world have recognized the need to combat underground businesses because they think that these honest people who once had employment are associated with criminal activities.

Law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to disrupt and dismantle these operations, employing various strategies and technologies to track and apprehend the “little people” involved.

International cooperation and intelligence sharing have also become crucial in the fight against underground businesses.

Instead of prohibiting underground marketplaces, and efforts to combat underground businesses, federal, state and local governments should implement policies to:

  • Alleviate poverty
  • Improve access to financial education about FEDNOW, CBDC, etc.
  • Provide affordable healthcare without employment
  • Create more legal economic opportunities opposed to causing pain through layoffs.

Understanding the Complexity of Underground Businesses

The world of underground businesses in rural areas is actually a ‘new’ and captivating realm that exists just beneath the surface of society.

From the historical roots of Underground Atlanta to the modern-day challenges posed by the digital age, these hidden economies continue to thrive despite efforts to combat them.

Governments understand the motivations, risks, and consequences that shape the lives of those involved in underground businesses in rural areas.

Therefore, it is crucial that they develop effective strategies to address their unmet needs of employment, lower prices, affordable housing and healthcare, and less taxation to help our beloved country continue thriving.

How to Start An Underground Business
How to Start An Underground Business Image Credits

How to Start a Unique Underground Business in Rural Areas?

Despite what the government does or does not do, rural Americans have to survive no matter what its government throws at them.

So, if you are willing to be motivated, take risks, and suffer the consequences, it’s time to start a unique underground business in rural areas. Let’s Go!

Starting a unique underground business in rural areas can be an exciting and challenging experience.

With the right ideas, strategies, and resources, you can create a successful and profitable business that caters to the needs and interests of rural communities.

Now, let’s explore some tips and tricks for starting a unique underground business in rural areas.

Identify a Need in the Community

The first step in starting a unique underground business in rural areas is to identify a need in the community.

Spend some time researching the area and talking to locals to find out what types of businesses and services are lacking in your rural community.

You can also look for gaps in the market that haven’t been filled yet and get creative in developing a unique business idea that fills those gaps.

There are hundreds of ideas💡on RuralMoney.com.

Secure Funding and Resources

Once you have identified a business idea that meets the needs of the community, the next step is to secure funding and resources to help you get your business off the ground.

Consider reaching out to local business organizations, community development groups, and government agencies to see what funding opportunities are available.

You may also need to secure a physical location such a marketplace stall, booth, space, etc. for your business and obtain any necessary licenses or permits.

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Develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing is key to the success of any business, and a unique underground business is no exception.

Develop a marketing plan that targets your ideal customers and reaches them where they are.

This may include social media advertising, community events, and collaborations with other local businesses.

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Create a Unique Brand

To stand out in a rural market, it’s important to create a unique brand that showcases the uniqueness of your business.

This can include developing a catchy logo, creating a distinctive business name, and designing marketing materials that reflect your business’s values and personality.

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Connect with the Community

As a unique underground business in a rural area, it’s essential to connect with the community to build your customer base.

Attend local events, sponsor community initiatives, and engage with residents through social media and other online platforms.

Building strong relationships with the community will help you become a trusted and valued part of the area.

Starting a unique underground business in a rural area is an exciting and fulfilling way to contribute to the local economy and meet the needs of the community.

By following these tips and strategies, you can develop a successful and profitable business that sets you apart from the competition and provides a valuable service to the people living in rural areas.

Remember to stay creative, responsive to your customer’s needs, and committed to building lasting relationships in the community.

Underground Businesses
Underground Businesses Image Credits

20 Unique Underground Businesses for Rural Areas

As rural areas continue to thrive, more entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to start businesses in underdeveloped areas.

This phenomenon has seen the rise of underground businesses that serve specific needs, ranging from agriculture to tech gadgets.

Now, let’s cover 20 unique underground businesses that focus on providing much-needed services and products to the rural community.

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1. Mobile Aquaponics Farm

The Mobile Aquaponics Farm is designed to provide fresh and healthy produce to remote communities that lack gardens or farming facilities.

With the use of fish, the farm utilizes a symbiotic relationship to grow vegetables and herbs without soil.

The mobile aspect enables the farm to travel from one location to another, providing fresh produce on-demand.

2. Rural Broadband

In many rural areas, internet connectivity is a luxury, with limited options for high-speed broadband.

Rural Broadband focuses on delivering reliable and cost-effective high-speed internet solutions to the rural community.

The service is designed to cater to small businesses and individuals who require fast internet speeds for remote work.

3. Wall-less Coworking Space

As the pandemic has forced many rural entrepreneurs to work from home, they often face a lack of dedicated workspaces or distractions from the household.

Wall-less Coworking Space provides a virtual office where members can work in a virtual community environment, connected through video conferencing with access to all the necessary office equipment.

4. Hemp Products

Hemp-based products have gained popularity over time, owing to their numerous health benefits.

Hemp Products is an underground business that focuses on producing different hemp-based products like oils, creams, and edibles.

The business is based on a cooperative model and works closely with local farmers for sourcing raw materials.

5. Goat Rentals

Goat Rentals offers a unique rental service to farmers, homeowners, or businesses that require land clearing services.

The service is provided through goats, which prove to be efficient and eco-friendly in grazing weeds and clearing land.

The goats are rented out along with a shepherd, fencing, and supplies.

6. Hydroponic Herb Box

Hydroponic Herb Box provides a niche service through its DIY hydroponic herb box kit.

The kit consists of all necessary items like seeds, pumps, and LED lights to enable customers to grow herbs affordably.

Additionally, the kit is user-friendly and can cater to individuals with minimal knowledge of gardening.

7. Meat Delivery

Meat Delivery is an underground business that provides a unique service to customers in rural areas.

The business is based on a farm-to-fork model, where customers are guaranteed fresh, grass-fed, wild, and humanely raised meat.

The meat is delivered to customers’ doorsteps, negating the need for a physical visit to a grocery store.

8. Energy Co-ops

Energy Co-ops are underground businesses designed to enhance access to alternative energy in rural areas.

A cooperative-owned energy business is built on the premise that customers collectively own the business, thereby lowering the cost of energy provision and increasing affordability.

9. Mobile Medical Service

Many rural areas lack medical centers, with some communities having to travel long distances for medical attention.

Mobile Medical Service offers a unique service by providing a mobile medical clinic equipped with necessary medical supplies and staff.

This is a great opportunity for rural nurse practitioners and nurses.

10. Upcycling

Upcycling is an innovative business that transforms waste into valuable products.

This underground business works with local communities to collect unused materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

The collected materials are transformed into new products that can be sold back to the community.

11. Bicycle Service

Bicycles are the primary mode of transport in rural areas, with most families owning at least one bike.

Bicycle Service provides a unique on-the-go bike service, where a mechanic provides repair and maintenance services to customers while on their daily commute.

12. Tiny House Builder

Tiny House Builder is an underground business that caters to individuals or families looking to downsize into a tiny house.

The business provides affordable custom tiny home builds, as per customer’s requirements, with the objective to provide affordable housing.

Most handymen and handywomen can start this business.

13. Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the practice of breeding fish in controlled conditions.

This underground business focuses on providing fresh fish to communities that lack local seafood sources.

The business works with local farmers to set up local fish farms that provide a sustainable alternative to seafood.

14. Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen is an underground business that provides a commercial kitchen for the local community.

The kitchen is designed to cater to individuals or small businesses that require commercial support to produce their food items.

15. Community Fridge

Community Fridge focuses on reducing food waste by distributing surplus food items from stores, restaurants, and households.

The concept is based on a communal fridge where anyone can drop off their surplus food, which is accessible to anyone in the community.

16. Solar Panel Installation

Many rural areas lack access to electricity, and the residents often rely on generators or kerosene lamps.

Solar Panel Installation is an underground business that installs solar panel systems to provide access to clean energy.

17. Zero Waste Grocery Store

Zero Waste Grocery Store is an underground business that provides a zero-waste solution to grocery shopping.

The store aims to reduce single-use plastic packaging by providing reusable containers and packaging alternatives for customers to fill with the desired amounts of items.

18. Salt Cave

Salt cave therapy has gained popularity owing to its numerous health benefits.

Salt Cave is an underground business that provides a unique service to customers by providing a relaxed atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the health benefits of salt therapy.

19. Artisanal Farm Products

Artisanal Farm Products provide a unique service by offering farm-fresh produce that is handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down from generations.

20. Community Garden

Community Garden is an underground business that focuses on the creation of communal gardens, providing a source of fresh and local produce to the surrounding community.

The gardens are set up in unused land within the community, and individuals can rent a plot of land to grow their gardens.

Last but not least, practice these mantras for starting an underground business to thrive in any economic collapse:

  • Simultaneously run two or more underground businesses.
  • Make sure each enterprise is profitable.
  • Keep your products, services and activities legal.
  • Maintain the moral high ground of doing business.

Wrapping Up

As rural communities continue to evolve, innovators will continue to find ways to provide much-needed services and products.

These underground businesses offer unique solutions to some of the most significant problems faced by rural communities.

It is essential to note that while some services may seem unconventional, they have provided a significant impact on the local community and beyond.

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