How To Turn Your Favorite Used Finds Into Big Rural Money

Turn Your Favorite Used Finds Into Big Rural Money

Turn Your Favorite Used Finds Into Big Rural Money

Sell A Barn Full Of Used Goods IKEA Style

Stop thinking and turn your favorite used finds into big rural money in the country style that IKEA borrowed from rural farmhouse style.

There is a huge demand for thrifty DIY solutions to furnish a rural home on a low budget.

The idea to start this vintage household goods barn sale event is also a playback on IKEA style.

Although this is a popular selection of funky, cheaply built home furnishings and products, a creative person can be just as resourceful with a rural barn sale.

Better yet, vintage home furnishings and accessories that you gather for your BIG SALE will be  made of solid wood with quality craftsmanship.

That selling point alone could bring some IKEA prices particularly if the items are rare.

I like this idea so every time I pass an old barn, I think about a huge barn sale event that could sell out to the walls!

What’s It All About, IKEA?

The reason IKEA is so popular is their merchandise gives homes thrifty, DIY solutions to create the ‘farmhouse’ look for home and office.

They have tapped into a certain “flea market style” of home furnishings and products that bring their customers close to nature, even in an urban jungle.

The beauty of a barn sale is rural residents already live in a jungle of trees, forests, agriculture and farm animals…

In fact, more and more people want to live in rural areas that are better for finances, body and the planet.

In so doing, this slower life allows us to create a country homestead that’s all about homegrown veggies, used furniture, appliances and other resources to use wisely.

As a result of this healthier and more sustainable way of living, we go on the hunt for thrifty DIY solutions to create a resourceful homestead.

A rural home that’s ever so small and humble (perhaps a fixer upper) is always close to nature—without the harness of new, expensive stuff.

There are various reasons why homesteaders shop at thrift stores, flea markets and barn sales…

We know that we can always find quality goods that can be re-purposed to achieve our purpose.

For example, old iron bed springs can be used as a room divider to hang twining plants and utensils on.

Also, you can see through it.

Secondhand things create interesting focal points and conversation pieces in addition to being resourceful.

Are you beginning to see how IKEA style is just a flea market style of furnishings, etc. that don’t match—but balances and gives variety.

Most rural homesteaders are already going for that natural, organic look.

Warm, earthy color tones, natural woods and rattan, rustic textiles, crafty pottery, glass and enamel metal ware, which can all be gathered and resold to turn your favorite used finds into big rural money.

Having a huge, yearly barn sale is a great way to make a lot of money by providing old stuff to help homeowners and homemakers pin down this look at home.

Did I mention you could also sell old clay flowerpots and cactus plants and other perennials that can be dug up on abandoned properties?

Think Storage Containers And Supplies To Avoid Waste

Storage space is a premium in any old, rural homestead because many homes were built without closets or kitchen shelving.

Old wrought iron baker’s racks, Hoosier cabinets and metal store shelving could all fit the bill to store all those reusable jars and containers.

Old Mason and French canning jars are quick sellers to store dry goods in bulk to help homesteaders avoid a ton of wasteful supermarket packaging.

Rural Money Tip:   Vintage Mason and French canning jars sell upwards $5-$10 each. Plus, jars look a lot better, which is another selling point that IKEA uses.

For ideas about what to sell, checkout Pinterest boards where I’m willing to bet IKEA gets their merchandising ideas.

Turn Your Favorite Used Finds Into Someone Else’s Full House

As you know, every rural homeowner and homemaker wants a FULL HOUSE of STUFF.

The baby needs things, the kids want things, teens crave stuff, and mom and dad want their share of stuff too.

Whether its a big or small rural family, it’s all about collecting more stuff.

Even people in tiny homes don’t have all the stuff they need and want.

In a rural home, it’s more activity-focused, so people are always looking to find lots of affordable, smart solutions for their family.

Now it’s time to think about all of the different home furnishings and products to start gathering for an annual barn sale to turn your favorite used finds into big rural money.

Old Barn Sales ‘Is’ The New Big Thing For Rural Money

I see homesteaders fixing up their old barns with tin roofing panels even on the exterior walls.

Old barns can hold a lot of rustic dining tables, chairs, bookshelves, sofas, toys, beds, bedding, cribs, changing tables, high chairs, blankets, quilts, cooking utensils, lawn tractors, garden tools, and much more.

A well-planned barn sale should be jam-packed with carefully selected finds.

Patrons will be lined up before the barn doors open to find treasures, stacks of books, clever things for storing, organizing and—above all—displaying collectibles—you name it!

… old typewriters, musical instruments, bottles, throw pillows, albums, maps, clothes, etc.—something for everyone to handpick for their elegant or rustic rural look.

All you have to do is gather, price and display (read my estate sale book) for a basic plan to organize this side hustle for a 2019 extravaganza.

I think the information can be adapted to a barn sale.

Also, be prepared to turn all of the leftovers into sales, but the way to avoid this is to have an ‘everything must go now’ attitude!

While I’m on the subject, don’t stop at a barn sale because your sales can keep coming year-round with a consignment service (get my estate sale contracts kit) book.

If you start planning now, by next year, you could turn your favorite used finds into big rural money.

Make a wacky advertising banner like this:

“Come One, Come All For A Barn Sale Full Of Things You Need And Don’t Need”

Shoppers will come from near and far.

Barn Sale Home Goods For All Tiny House Needs

All those tiny house people will be looking for a sofa by day and bed by night because versatility rules in a tiny house!

Having a large barn sale won’t just turn heads large and small, it will hold lots more sofas, tables, and chairs, etc.—so there’s plenty of stuff for even tiny houses.

There is no limited space in a barn sale, so shoppers won’t have to limit themselves.

I really get into posts like this because I managed estate sales for many years, and had a ton of fun selling other peoples stuff.

That’s why I know homes are unique like fingerprints and the inhabitants never have enough stuff!

So, big or small, country or city, every home has room to express its owner’s personality, which is why your barn sale will be so successful.

About:  I’m the author in residence of bringing you the best of my knowledge, skills, abilities, tips and resources. Unfortunately, I am also a person with disabilities. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I love to share what I know and practice to help others survive and thrive in rural areas. Thank you for your support.

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