Start A Trucker Business For Moving And Avoid Regulatory Problems

Trucker Business For Moving
Start A Trucker Business For Moving And Avoid Regulatory Problems

You don’t even have to own a truck to start a trucker business for moving; just call yourself a trucker and not a mover to avoid regulatory problems.

Start out by renting a truck each time you get a moving or hauling assignement.

One of five people move each year, and much more due to the pandemic.

As do a substantial number of businesses.

You won’t handle large or interstate moves, but you can handle a lot of smaller moves.

And then, there are all those people who aren’t moving, but who want to discard an old refrigerator, oven, or broken-down chair.

Or, need to have garden debris or an old fence hauled away.

Again, call yourself a trucker and not a mover to avoid licensing and regulatory problems.

Have your customers take responsibility for breakage on their own insurance so that you can avoid high insurance premiums.

Customers usually don’t mind that you’re uninsured; your low rates make up for it.

Sometimes, you’ll have to pay for a damage out of your pocket.


“MOVING/HAULING. $17/HOUR. Light Moving–Local and Suburbs. 555-555-5555

If you’re still attending school or college, head your flier:


People always want to help stendents pay for their education.

All fliers should have tear-off tabs with your phone number at the bottom.

Place ads in pennysavers.

Leave fliers or business cards with college fraternities and dorm managers, churches, Real Estate agents, apartment managers, furniture and appliance stores, scrap metal companies, and secondhand stores.

Keep in touch with them regularly so that they will refer business to you.

Your hourly charge includes the travel time it takes to get to and back from the job.

Rent the truck when you need it.

You can also rent a hand truck, dolly and furniture padding.

For many jobs, you may need a helper or two, usually your friends.

When hauling away junk, your hourly fee is not all the income you can earn.

Much of this junk has value and you can sell it–at a garage sale, flea market, used furniture stores, thrift shops, through classified ads on Craigslist, even to antique dealers.

Appliances, rare books, lamps, paintings, antiques, old China, furniture, tools, office furniture, rugs, musical instruments, and all sorts of collectibles are just some of the things you may discover that could have value and bring you good money.

Some items are salable just as you receive them.

Others, like furniture, toys, appliances, might need a good cleaning, a little paint, or minor repair.

As soon as you’ve set aside enough of the profits to put a down payment on a used truck or van (for example, a used mail or UPS van), you’ve got your own real business.

Promote it and you’ll soon have two trucks–driven by people you hire.

Delivery Service

You can also add delivery work to your business to keep your calendar full.

Contact large appliance stores, lumber dealers, etc.

Run ads for both your trucker business (for moving and hauling) service and your delivery service.

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