Be A Travel Writer About Places You Visited Before COVID

Travel Writer
Be A Travel Writer About Places You Visited Before COVID

During COVID, There Are Many Airplane Seats Going Begging!

If you have some writing ability and sometimes even if you don’t, coupled with a bit of nerve and determination, you may be able to be a travel writer.

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You also may be able to get free travel from national tourist bureaus, resorts and airlines, or their public relations agencies, which arrange plenty of free junkets.

When economic conditions are tight, i.e. COVID, there are many airplane seats going begging, hotel rooms sitting unoccupied, and once-packed tourist hot spots emptying out.

Good publicity is worth its weight in gold to the tourist business; that’s why free trips are frequently offered to members of the working press.. and occasionally to those of the nonworking press.

Airlines offer free trips when they have a new route or service to publicize.

For example, they give away a slew of free tickets when they put brand new planes in service flying to new routes and excursions.

They might also oblige individual whims to arrange for a personal, escorted tours.

Splashy new resorts as well as fading old ones, are also generous with junkets.

Perks For Travel Writers And Freeloading Guests

When millionaires want to publicize the opening of a multi-million dollar resort, etc. they charter planes for everyone from second-rate actors to representatives of the press, naturally.

These types of events generate a blaze of publicity worth at least ten times what it cost.

Sometimes tourist bureaus gives free trips to travel writers who appear to have a good chance of publishing a travel article.

This could be where you fit in.

  • First, it’s necessary to convince the tourist bureau or PR firm that you can deliver the goods when you get back. An encouraging letter from an editor certainly helps.
  • Second, start by contacting travel agents and reading travel magazines thoroughly, to see which areas are currently getting the biggest promotional push.
  • Once you decide your destination, write to as many travel editors of as many magazines and newspapers as you can. And, if a publication doesn’t have a travel editor, write anyway. Travel pieces are featured in a wide variety of publications. Rural Money Tip: Learn 3 Simple Ways To Contact The Media About A Story here.

Your letter should say that you’re going to a certain place and that you would like to write an article for publication when you get back.

If you can think of a unique article angle, all the better.

Hopefully, you will receive two or three encouraging replies.

That’s the time to call the appropriate tourist bureau and PR firm for appointments.

Show your letters to someone in authority to convince them of your good intentions.

With a little persuasion, you will find yourself whisked away with all expenses paid!

Search Google for “travel writer magazines” for an interesting list of zines here.

Happy trails and travel writing!

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