Trash Scavenging Is Another Man’s Treasure

Trash Scavenging
Trash Scavenging Is Another Man’s Treasure | RuralMoney.com

The Early Bird Gets The Best Finds!

On the day the city sanitation truck is scheduled to pick up the trash, you can use a pick-up truck to visit all the streets for trash scavenging.

You sort through the trash and remove all the newspapers.

You can sell them to a paper mill for recycling.

Everything else can can be sorted and sold such as furniture, clothing, books, etc.

You get to work out in the fresh air five days a week and make a good profit.

Your only expense is gas for your truck.

All you have to know is the routes for the city sanitation trucks, which is a matter of public record.

You do have to get up early enough in the morning to beat the city workers, but that really isn’t so hard.

Image By Copley Nathan