5 Top Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

Top Ways To Make Money Online
5 Top Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

The Internet Offers Excellent Opportunities For Businesses To Earn And Save A Lot Of Money!

There are several top ways to make money online as a content provider, service provider, or a presence provider.

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On the other hand, you can also make money from the creative end of the business, either as a designer, as a consultant, or as a content provider.

The different money-making ideas presented here are an excellent mix for those seeking to become presence providers or content providers.

They are the most popular and easiest to implement.

1. Presence Provider

As a presence provider, your business is helping other businesses establish a presence on the Internet.

There are three specific opportunities discussed under this category.

Through these services, you will be able to help any business establish a presence on the world wide web.

Even if they do not know anything about programming for the Internet or about the Internet itself.

2. Content Provider

As a content provider, you determine the format of the information you place on the Internet and make that information accessible to the general public.

Since access to information you put on the Internet is free, the materials you post are available at no cost to the public.

Hence, as a content provider, the bulk of your income must come from advertising, specifically from businesses who want to reach the same audience that visits or accesses your domain or web site.

As a content provider, you can design your web site using any o these three formats:

  • Singles Dateline
  • Maps And Links
  • School Yearbooks On The Internet

Here are four money-making ideas that have become commonplace on the Internet.

Because of their popularity, several web sites are already offering these ideas in one form or another.

  • Discount Coupons
  • Employment Services
  • Virtual Malls
  • Mail Order

Needless to say, your ability to implement any of these ideas and transform them into money-making ventures will depend largely on your understanding of the Internet, how it works and how well you market your services.

It is best to make your selection based upon your skills and talent.

3. Writing In HTML: Making Money By Wordcount And Keystrokes

There are a lot of businesses with all types of documents, product information, announcements, press releases, etc. that may benefit from making such materials available to their customers, dealers, stockholders, etc.

As a venue for making information available online, the Internet offers excellent opportunities for businesses to save a lot of money.

Instead of printing multiple copies of these documents and then paying postage to mail them to the target audience, businesses can save a ton of money by making documents available via the Internet.

However, for a lot of businesses, the lack of in-house expertise to make this into reality often ends as a pipe dream gone bust.

Enter, therefore, a new kind of typing service.

  • NOT FOR PRINT: In today’s world of digital mass communications, not everything that is typed is destined to be printed on paper. Typing has taken a whole new course, and documents are being are no longer being created for the benefit of the printer or the copying machine, but rather for direct posting on an electronic online medium (blog).
  • $70 PER HOUR: If you can type 40 words per minute, you can type an average of 1,000 words in around 25 to 30 minutes. This means that to type a 1,000-word document would take you roughly half an hour. The going rate for HTML typing is around $35 for 1,000 words. This means that if you type a 1,000-word document in half an hour, you can make $35 every half hour, the equivalent of $70 per hour. This is one reason more and more people are learning how to write HTML. It has become a lucrative field and adds a premium to a basic common-place skill like typing.
  • IT’S NOT PROGRAMMING: The truth is, where basic text is concerned, HTML is NOT computer programming. It is simple typing and a simple memorization of common tags used in HTML. For ex ample, to create a headline, all you have to do is type <hi> before the first letter of the headline and </> after the last letter of the headline. When placed on the Internet, the word or words you typed between these two tags will be presented in large size (24 points) fonts, distinctly a headline.

4. Homepage Hosting: People Place Their webpages On Your Platform

If a businessperson wants to have his own 1,000-word document seen on the Internet, he can do two things:

  1. Have his document typed by an HTML typesetter or he can type it himself by using HTML. Once the document has been typed in HTML, it needs to be placed on the Internet. Again, an advertiser has two options: He or she can either get his or her domain and website, or her or she can have a webpage placed on some else’s platform.
  2. If an advertiser does not want to be bothered with learning how to use FTP or how to maintain a web site, it is better for him or her to simply pay a platform owner a one-time or annual fee to “host” the advertiser’s homepage.
  • HOMEPAGE HOSTING: As a web site owner, you can provide a service that is extremely simple and easy, yet can offer you the most profit. Page hosting is a simple service wherein you allow people to put the webpages on your platform, and host them there over a predetermined period of time.
  • $50 PER PAGE: As a web site owner, you can offer other people’s homepages (of 1,000 words or less) for as little as $125 per year. This means that for $25, you will place their webpages (with a maximum of 1,000 words) on your platform and keep it there for a period of one year. This rate, although extremely affordable for the advertiser, can be very lucrative for you, the web site owner.
  • 100 WEBPAGES PER MEG: For every one megabyte of server space your web site has, you can place an average 100 webpages (based on the example size of 1,000 words per webpage). If you charge $125 per webpage, your web site can generate rental revenues of $125,000 per year, with as little as ten megs in server space.
  • OFFER CATEGORIES: Your web site can have multiple categories where homepages can be placed. For example see the following:

An accountant who wants to put his or her homepage on your web site can order his or her homepage to be placed under “professionals”.

This means that if the accountant wants to use his or her initials XYZ as his or her webpage name, his or her address would be:

5. Website Rental: Rent Web Site Space To Individuals And Local Businesses

If you own your domain, consider yourself as an owner of a commercial office building where entrepreneurs can rent office space to conduct their business.

All you need to do is provide a clean space where people can work.

You do not have to get involved in their business, or take part in their operations.

As long as you provide them the workspace they need, all you have to do is sit back and collect the rent.

  • THE COST OF SPACE: Some people who promote ideas or sell products on the Internet may not want to maintain or manage their own domains. Regardless of how simple owning a domain really is, for some people, this could be too much work or too time consuming. They would rather concentrate on promoting their ideas or selling their products. Hence, rather than own a domain they would just rent a web site.
  • MULTIPLE WEB SITES: As a domain owner, you can have as many web sites as you want. You a re limited only by the amount of server space that you have. For example, if your domain leases 100 megabytes of serve space, you could be paying around $250 per month. If you subdivide 100 megs into web sites with 2 megs each, your domain will have a total of 50 web sites. If you rent out these web sites for $20 per month, you can generate $1,000 a month ($20 X 50) in revenues from people who want to lease web sites on your platform. Keep in mind that renting out web sites on your platform may require you to provide your customers programming services and technical support. You must be able to give your web site renters access to upload their own files, or you provide them the service yourself. You will want to set up a pricing structure for this in advance. Note that a slight twist in how you package your domain can add value to your product, allowing you to charge more for web sites.
  • THEME DOMAINS: Like commercial office buildings or shopping malls, your platform can actually have a theme and appeal to a target audience group. If you design your domain in this manner, you will be able to attract web site owners who would not mind paying a premium to reach the same markets that your domain attracts. Because the address of a web site follows that of the domain, it is critical for web site owners to select the right domain name under which they operate. If you have a sports-related domain, you can attract web site owners in the sporting goods business, memorabilia, etc. A potential web site owner seeking to establish a site to market sport-related products or services will find your platform more appealing than one that does not have a theme related to the sports business. With a theme platform, you can set premium rates. If you charge $50 per web site per month, your platform with 50 web sites can collect rent of $2,500 per month.

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