Top Selling Home And Business Services On Amazon

Top Selling Home And Business Services On Amazon

Top Selling Home And Business Services On Amazon

Home And Personal Service Sector Is The Fast Track To Profit

Listings for top selling home and business services on Amazon are growing fast for home and small businesses for profit and stability.

Small businesses are flocking toward the longevity and security of the fast-growing personal service sector—and Amazon provides the “prime” marketing platform.

By listing your home and business service on Amazon, you don’t have to do the marketing alone.

The beauty of Amazon is that you have a company behind you with established systems in place.

This safety net is likely one of the reasons that the home and personal service sector keeps growing.

And, this is great news for entrepreneurs in rural areas!

As this sector trends upward, specific categories have seen exponential growth—and home and personal service businesses are growing the fastest.

This includes any company that would provide a service.

For example, a company that does pet poop-scooping, seals driveways, cleans your home or offers yoga classes would fall into this niche.

It’s no surprise that property restoration companies such as Servpro have continued to grow, so why not start a mini version of this service?

In addition to home and personal services, fitness and restoration, quick-serve restaurants, early childhood education and elder care are some of the industries where the biggest growth opportunities exist.

Here’s a look at a few of these successful service-based home and business services you can sell on Amazon.

Top Home And Business Services On Amazon















Many would-be patrons think that a private trainer is for celebrities.

However, basically all that’s needed is mats.

If your fitness program consist of yoga, then there is no need for an expensive massage table, etc.

Your fitness program is a personal, hands-on approach.

With your expert skills and knowledge, you can go out on your own and advertise on Amazon.

From wall paint to flooring to equipment to everything online marketing tool you need, it is there in a “prime” location.

The beauty is, you can operate your fitness business from home without equipment, overhead and marketing expenses that are expensive.

This simple micro-business model for selling on Amazon is excellent and is already extremely fast growing.

Early Childhood Education

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than six in ten married couples with children have both parents employed.

It’s one of the reasons why early childhood education businesses such as tutoring is booming.

From a home business perspective, early education” can’t be out-sourced or automated.

Which means you do have to have a desire to do meaningful work by serving children and communities.

Consider a “Private Home-Schooling” service with a unique culture of a passionate and committed instructor who can provide a premier experience for children and families.

Cleaning Service

Many people may see a residential cleaning service or maid company as a luxury they can’t really justify.

Think outside of the box to view the residential cleaning industry in a different way.

Since there are mostly mom and pop operations, with very little innovation, use some kind of low technology to set your service apart.

For example, every time you clean a home, ask the customer to rate their level of satisfaction on a scale of one to ten.

That will determine the compensation for the one or two people who clean the home.

Their wage goes up or down based on customer feedback, but the fee the customer pays stays the same.

Rural Money Tip: As the number of households with both parents working increase, more families can justify hiring a cleaning service.

This simple home base business model is Monday though Friday, no weekends and no nights.

Elder Care

By 2030, there will be about 72 million people over 65.

So, it makes sense that the elder care niche continue to grow.

A home based senior care business has low up-front investment and high-profit margin potential.

You can provide “non-medical” care in the home to seniors who need help with everyday tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, meal planning and running errands.

This is a great home based business service to sell on Amazon for someone who wants to be in a relationship business.

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