Guide To Become A Thrift Store Fashion Reseller (U)

Thrift Store Fashion Reseller
Guide To Become A Thrift Store Fashion Reseller

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This post will show you how to get high fashion clothing, etc. and make money offering fine apparel as a thrift store fashion reseller.

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You can make money offering the same fashions to women in your area who also appreciate fine apparel.

Guide To Become A Thrift Store Fashion Reseller

3 Things You Need To Know About The Thrift Store Fashion Reseller Business

In most cities and in many small towns, there are businesses set up to offer lightly-worn, previously owned clothes.

These are known as Resale Shops; and they have secrets for getting their supply of the finest women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories for pennies.

You can copy their success and make money offering these fashions to the general public.

All you need is determination, a little working capital, and an eye for value.

Patience is the name of the game here.

If you are willing to work at the procedures and will wait for the right buying opportunities to show up.

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Where And How Do Fashion Resellers Get Their Fabulous Buys?

It may be difficult for you to visualize what it is like to be a partner in a marriage that collectively brings home $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year.

Professionals including doctors and attorneys, executives, and many others earn incomes in these figures.

If the woman in a family like this works, she likely has a high-profile position.

Her clothing must be the finest.

If only the husband works, the wife generally has the time to spend shopping and is able to spend a considerable amount of money on personal purchases.

There are many people in these high income brackets.

Visit the shopping areas such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Indian Wells in Palm Sprrings, Fifth Avenue in New York, Michigan Boulevard in Chicago, the Dallas Galleria… and the list goes on.

All the affluent communities in the United States have equally high-class shopping areas.

Because of the affluence, these women can spend money not only for expensive clothing, but for an extremely large selection of clothes.

They are also very fashion conscious, and may shop for a completely new wardrobe every season.

Fashion resellers give these women an opportunity to recoup some of their expenses when they decide to change wardrobes.

Many women who do not have to work for a living, as well as many who do and who need large, up-to-date wardrobes to maintain a well-heeled professional image, turn over the clothing they do not need or want to fashion resellers.

Resale shops offer smart buyers an extraordinary opportunity to get lightly-worn fashions at a fraction of the original purchase price.

However, do not consider that everything in these stores is used clothing.

In many cases, clothes and shoes may never have been worn.

Many still have the original price tags attached to them!

There are many reasons why a clothing item may be turned over to a resale shop.

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Here are some of them.

  • A woman may have gained or lost weight, going up or down a full size or more, and it may not be possible to alter the garment to fit.
  • Some women whose weight fluctuates considerably will keep full wardrobes on hand in two or three sizes! It stands to reason that if such a woman happened to maintain the same size for a whole season, there would be many clothes she had not worn at all in the other sizes by the end of that season. If she wants to by the very newest styles for each season of the year, she will have never-worn clothes to clear out of her closets to make room for the new.
  • Then, too, everyone makes mistakes from time to time in shopping. A garment may be purchased without trying it on because it closely resembles another that looked good or fit well. It is only when they buyer gets it home and tries it on, or perhaps after she wears it once, that she realizes it is actually not made in the same way, or is not as flattering as she expected it to be. Sometimes a color that looked good on a woman in the store’s fluorescent lighting may be very unflattering on her in daylight, or under normal electric lighting.
  • Sometimes an item, particularly if it is offered at a good sale price, may be bought without regard to the accessories it needs to go with it. One woman told me she once bought a beautiful suit at a wonderful clearance price and realized that the only shoes that would go with it properly would be navy suede pumps. She searched for two years for nave suede pumps, which were not being manufactured at all at the time, and never wore the suit for that reason.
  • Again, a woman may have absolutely nothing in her wardrobe to match the sale item, and a great deal of shopping may be necessary to find all the other clothing items that will make that one item wearable. Someone whose wardrobe is predominantly composed of pastel colors, for example, with all coats and shoes in soft beiges, pale pink, and pale greens, may be unable to resist a stylish red and black designer dress she finds at a sale price. But, that dress will remain unworn until she gathers shoes, coat, jewelry, and other accessories that will go with it, and that day may never come.
  • A woman may also change her hair color or makeup style, and find that the clothing colors when formerly wore clash badly with her new look. Even changing hair style or hair length may mean necessary changes in clothing style.
  • Sometimes a move to another climate or to a nearby city, a change in jobs status or designation, a pregnancy, a change in social life, any number of factors will require major wardrobe changes for the woman who can afford to make them.

Their losses are your gain.


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These clothing items are available to those individuals who can buy them back, so to speak, from their owners at a greatly reduced cost.

And, you can both build your own wardrobe and your bank account at the same time by purchasing these items.

Fashion resellers obtain much inventory from wholesale and retail merchants at liquidation prices.

A professional close-out jobber or liquidator is not interested in purchasing clothes on a one-of-this or one-of-that basis, but in lot assortments.

These people cannot devote time to a personalized selling situation to move out a few selected items.

So, they may turn them over to a resale shop where they can be sold one at a time.

Fashion resellers often maintain contact with small manufacturers in order to by out remaindered clothing items that cannot be sold in high quantity because there are too few of the items left.

Manufacturers also will discontinue some lines of clothing, or will go out out of business.

Again, you will be their customers for the unsold clothing items.

Importers, too, may change or drop lines, and want to clear their inventory of these discontinued items.

They will instead wholesale them to fashion resellers.

Some of the high fashion resellers have a special problem.

Many would not dare put the word “sale” in their show windows or mark down any of their merchandise online for fear of losing those customers who want to be known to buy at only the most exclusive and expensive stores.

Special sales such as t hose held by the U.S. Customs also offer buying opportunities to fashion resellers.

The U.S. Customs’ facilities in various cities hold auctions to move confiscated or unredeemed items.

Many of these items are available in huge cargo quantities.

Police Departments and the U.S. Postal Service also hold auction sales of merchandise, sometimes twice a year.

The Postal Service sells the items that were undeliverable due to los or unreadable addresses on the parcels.

Police Departments will auction off lost, stolen, or unclaimed items.

Clothing items in various quantities may often turn up at such government auctions.

Fashion reslae is a very big business.

Movie and television stars are often allowed to keep the wardrobes made or bought for them for a particular film or show, wardrobes they may not be interested in keeping afterwards.

Some shops actually specialize in clothing items worn by stars either in professional appearances or in their private lives.

Some actresses and show business personalities are constantly in the public eye in a professional capacity and must provide their own, huge wardrobes, which they then must turn over frequently.

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How Can You Make Money As A Fashion Reseller?

Your prime objective in setting yourself up in this money-making business is to do everything possible to assure yourself of a continuous supply of merchandise.

If you can take the time to visit a major city, you can make contacts with retail merchants and charitale organizations, purchasing clothing items that were unsold after flea market or rummage sale events.

Make contact with various government sellers, manufacturing facilities, jobbers, and distributors who have odd lots to sell and with liquidators who work with retailers to clear close-out merchandise.

Locating prime merchandise can be time-consuming.

You often have to go from one store to another to line up your purchases.

However, after you a re known as someone who is willing to pay cash on the spot, you will add to your source of supply.

You may get, for example, only ten or twenty new pairs of shoes from each store.

But, a route of five or ten stores could more than take care of your needs for shoes for your customers and yourself for several months.

Rural Money Tip: All retail stores work on the principle that they must turn over their entire stock of merchandise a certain number of times per year. Studies show that a typical retail clothing store looks for turnover rations of no less than 2.7 times a year. This, means the store owner must buy and resell his entire stock almost three times every year. The turnover goal varies from one industry to another. However, the important thing to realize is that these retailers have a continuing need to get rid of merchandise that has been unsold to make room for newer fashions.

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How Much Money Can You Make As A Fashion Reseller?

Your ultimate profit will depend on how much merchandise you sell.

However, it is very possible to obtain designer shoes that normally retail for $170 for $10 or less, and to resell them for $30 or more.

That would be a 300% markup, far more than retail stores ever make!

The same holds true for other clothing items.

Your profit will depend upon the merchandise you obtain and the final resale cost.


And, you can build yourself a fabulous wardrobe while operating your fashion resale business.

You will be able to have the pick of your stock when it happens to be in your size and keep it for yourself!

It’s your stock, after all, and you have paid for it.

And, the beautiful clothes you wear will naturally make a favorable impression on your customers when you become an icon.

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If you find a good supply of coats or sweaters, for example, you may decide to specialize in those items.

There is no limit to the directions you can go.

You are your own boss in this business!


As the initial investment in clothing items for resale is a very small one, you can learn by doing and move ahead at your own pace.

Clothing Boutique is one of 27 Of The Most Successful Small Town Business Ideas.

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