The World Has Changed: Snatched From SHTF Plan

The World Has Changed
The World Has Changed: Snatched From SHTF Plan

Being Part Of A Smart Web Site Is Paramount To Navigating The New Economics!

The world has changed, meanwhile the $900B bill shows that Repubs and Dems will continue to support the U.S. economy with whatever it takes.

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They will not be able to save small business owners, though, which are the biggest victims of the coronavirus from a financial perspective.


The World Has Changed Permanently

The world has changed because COVID-19 is a reset moment.

Some people will never take their masks off again.

Millions of others have or will be forced to change occupations while others will have to start over and reinvent themselves.


As the world has changed, these unfortunate stories about millions of people and businesses that have been hurt by how society has chosen to handle the pandemic, will be the stuff of many books and movies.

Even though the fatality rate is minuscule compared to other pandemics of the past, the world has shown that our countries are designed for health, not sickness.

The leverage of hospital beds and ventilators per citizen has proven to be too high.

The leverage of medical personnel compared to the size of the general population has proven to be inaccurate to meet demand.

The bottom line: If we have learned one thing in 2020, it is that being part of a smart web site or smart group of 2-3 is paramount to navigating the economic hurdles of life, because the world has changed.

The Shit is about to hit the fan…

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