Tengia Offer Seniors A Better Way To Use Skills After Retirement

Tengia Offer Seniors A Better Way To Use Skills After Retirement

Exclusive Jobs For Experienced Professional Seniors

At Tengia, a California based company, they believe America’s 65 plus community should be given more than just senior discounts or “over the hill” novelties.

Every 8 seconds, 10,000 people turn 65 and become seniors every day.

But, society is doing little to embrace and celebrate these older workers of which many are experienced professionals.

Today, 13% of Americans are 65 plus and by 2030, almost 20% of the nation’s population will be 65 plus.

Many of them will retire without a financial umbrella.

As a result, they will be looking for employment.

As a population enthralled by youth culture, the U.S. has lost value for institutional wisdom.

Younger generations are falling more out of touch with seniors.

Older individuals are ostracized, labeled as has-beens, liabilities, takers not givers, and are falling prey to age discrimination in the workplace.

Yet, Americans are living longer and staying active and productive well past the traditional retirement age.

The nation does not recognize that the aging population is a resource and should be given purpose again.

Tengia see a need for a deep-rooted change in society’s view of the aging population.

Moreover, there is a treasure-trove of knowledge and experience hiding in seniors!

What I like about Tengia is they aim to help the aging population reshape America’s society and economy.

Also, they want to provide purpose to those who have given us their best for the last few decades.

Tengia Is Helping Seniors Bridge The Generation Gap

Most retired seniors are not interested in starting a business.

The majority, however, are interested in finding a job to supplement their social security.

Tengia offers an alternative to those who have to go back into the workforce.

On the other hand, you can’t talk up a good thing without mentioning its predominant negative aspect.

The current jobs market is extremely competitive, for every age group.

How Does Tengia Solve Employment Problems For Seniors

The best way Tengia solves this problem is by matching an employer with a seasoned professional to perform the job.

This solution helps the service provider and client determine the “best fit” for their needs.

More importantly, seniors are not competing with younger job seekers.

Basically, there is a three-step process to go from job seeking to hired.

  1. Register: If you are a retired professional or an individual in need of job, register for the platform, which is free! They ask for some personal information and industry of interest so that they can determine what kind of service(s) you can provide. They will also use this information to perform a background check.
  2. Get Matched: After they review your registration and your account has been approved, they will match you with a job you are qualified to perform within a 15-mile radius. Some services may be scheduled days in advance while others may be provided on-demand. You will be matched on an as needed basis.
  3. Finish The Job: After both parties have confirmed that the job has been completed, you will be compensated for the service performed. For every job performed, you will be able to manage all transactions directly within the platform from billing information to scheduling jobs.

Since rural money is solution-oriented, Tengia is a win-win and a short-cut to supplementing personal finance.

That being said, I can hardly wait for this business model to roll out to other major cities across the nation.

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