TAKL App For Home Services Has Rolled Out Across America

TAKL App For Home Services Has Rolled Out Across America

Become A TAKL Provider And Be Your Own Boss!

There are many benefits to using the Takl App because they handle the stressful, tedious and expensive aspects of owning a business.

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Imagine using an app to make money on your own schedule.

Benefits Of The Takl App

There are many benefits to using the app.

They handle the stressful, tedious and expensive aspects of owning a business.

Pre-launch registration is currently free!

Register as a Takl provider for chores such as:

  • Lawn Care
  • Haul Away Junk
  • House Cleaning
  • Small Home Repair

Be Your Own Boss | Work When You Want | Get Paid Fast

Make extra money completing chores and small jobs for others.

The Takl app is an on-demand mobile platform that connects self-employed providers with users who need chores and small jobs completed.

The app originally launched in Nashville, it’s hometown, in the summer of 2016 with plans to roll out across America in 2017.

App users can find background checked providers to complete chores NOW (within the hour) or schedule for a future day and time.

Every chore is pre-priced and pre-defined so both users and providers have equal expectations.

There are 12 different categories of jobs available for order, or app users can create their own pre-priced Custom Job.

For providers, Takl is the app that puts your skills to work.

The app lets you set your own hours, be your own boss and get paid fast.

Accepting providers for Chattanooga, Clarksville & Murfreesboro, TN; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, Tampa & Miami, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles CA, and Charlotte, NC…

6 Easy Steps To Provider Registration

  • Register and share some basic information
  • Choose your skill sets
  • Complete online orientation
  • Provide valid government issued ID & profile photo to verify identity
  • Provide bank account information to receive direct deposits
  • Clear a background check

Takl is not an original idea (Task Rabbit, etc.), but this app is different because  of some interesting benefits and features.

It Pays To Have Friends

Explore Takl Royalties!

Takl Sharing gives you the opportunity to earn money by sharing your unique code with others. Download or open the Takl App.

Fillable Homestead As A Business Year Planner

  • [caption id="attachment_13461" align="alignleft" width="270"]Fillable Homestead As A Business Year Planner Fillable Homestead As A Business Year Planner[/caption]

    Simplified Printable To Organize Your Homestead Business Off Or Online

    Creating and running your homestead as a business doesn’t have to be challenging or difficult using the Fillable Homestead As A Business Year Planner. It can be a simple and fun process by deciding: (1) what is your niche or cottage industry; (2) what are your business goals; (3) how to fund your business without borrowing; (4) where to sell everywhere online; (5) what is your product and service inventory; (6) what is your marketing and advertising strategy; (7) how much did you earn in weekly sales. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much information out there to start and operate a homebased business both off and online. I am big on keeping things simple. Therefore, I want to help you strip away all the excess and find what is really important to YOU on your homestead that can earn you money. Once you figure this out, it will be much easier to create a Homestead As A Business Year Planner and stick to it. Just remember to always keep it simple!

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