America’s Job Crisis: Middle Class Is Again The Working Poor

America's Job Crisis

The Middle Class Labor Force Is Disappearing America’s job crisis is a misnomer considering people with jobs are employed and/or neither employed nor unemployed in the labor force. That is a bewildering employment definition from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Labor, which does not correspond with America’s job reality. By their own definitions, I doubt if they would admit that the once thriving middle class resembles the working poor (labor force). Instead, they are sticking to their definitions and denial in a desperate attempt to further confuse the masses. It could be working because the middle class is confused about their origin, therefore, they do not understand what is happening. The government won’t tell them that the so-called middle class was “developed” after World War II to boost the post-war economy by buying things (sound familiar?). Prior, this social class did not exist for our parents or grandparents….

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