Vintage Cadillacs: The Quintessential Gas Guzzling Road Hog Investment

Vintage Cadillacs

Vintage Cadillacs Make A Good Investment And Ride On The Freeway Vintage Cadillacs are to cars what Jayne Mansfield was to women:  big, flamboyant, brazen and extreme, which mean vintage Cadillacs are sex symbols and investments. Elvis Presley drove them and gave them away like peanuts. Remember when contestants passed into the big-money range on “The $64,000 Question,” and their reward was a Cadillac? Blues singers cry for them; lottery winners run out to buy them. “Cadillac” conjures images of rowdy Texas millionaires who used to mount steer horns on the hoods; cruising city pimps like “Super Fly” who put black-out film on the windows. They were painted pink, white, baby blue, solid gold, or covered with fish scales and diamond dust. A Cadillac has never been simply a car. There was a time long ago to call anything “the Cadillac of its class” meant that it was the best….

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