6 Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money While Learning How To Hustle

Kids Getting A Taste For Rural Money Most of us know the usual ways for kids to make money, however there are more unusual ways kids make rural money that they will love. Some of the traditional ways kids make money include lemonade stands, washing cars, babysitting, mowing lawns and raking leaves. In my definition, anything that is not a business or a hobby is a “hustle” to make fast money. And, by starting to make money at an early age doing side chores and events, you are hustling, which is not a bad thing. From my childhood, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, I was always looking for “another way” to make money. Some of the ways kids can make rural money are listed below, which can be done almost through out the year. 1. Unusual Ways Kids Make Rural Money – Be A Chef At the…

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