Revival Of The Tank House Drinking Water Storage

Tank House Drinking Water Storage

Collecting And Storing Drinking Water In A Tank House Their is a need for an extra source of potable water that is safe enough for drinking and food preparation, hence a tank house drinking water storage. I believe that the world’s population will soon suffer an extreme shortage of clean water that will cause it to become more expensive than oil. When this happens, many small urban and rural towns will not have an independent water supply. They already rely on buying potable water from another municipality to resale to their consumers; and the costs are increasing rapidly. One solution to the problem for rural homesteaders is reviving the tank house (water tank) for an emergency supply of potable water. In case you’re thinking that drinking water will always be plentiful, global statistics show that the demand will outweigh supply: 89% of people have access to water suitable for drinking….

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