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Swedish Fire Log Stove

All-In-One Wood Burning Log Stove The Swedish Fire Log Stove (or Swedish Fire Torch) is a unique DIY project because it uses only one piece of medium size wood as its fuel. A larger log can be used to extend the burning time. The log is cut partially with 6 splits and then set upright. The log needs to be cut evenly and on a level surface for stability. Tinder and kindling are added on top so that the fire can start burning down through the splits. Eventually, the fire is self-feeding. The flat, circular top provides a surface to place a kettle or pan for cooking, boiling liquids, etc. It has been suggested as a better beacon than the typical campfire, in case of an emergency, but a chain saw might not be available. Therefore, I think a burning log standing up would have the same affect. I love…

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