Stamp Investing: 10 Tips To Successful Stamp Collecting

The Hobby Of Billionaires Could Also Make You Wealthy Stamp investing among the rich is a little known secret about Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computers, who at the age of 12, got a job washing dishes. And, at the time he just wanted enough money to fund his stamp collection. Roll forward another 12 years to 1992 and Dell became the youngest CEO ever to lead a company in the Fortune 500. By 1999, he was the fifth-richest person in the United States. Warren Buffet also dabbled in stamp trading in his early days. There is an interesting correlation between the most successful people and a natural collecting instinct. These people have always understood the value of tangible assets. After all, they became the best in the world in the art of buying assets and selling them at a profit. I would love to be able to say…

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