Southern Prepping: 10 Secrets For Your Fearless Survival

Southern Prepping Takes Preparedness Seriously For every event that causes food shortages, southern prepping is actively working a plan to deal with it because the people prepared will survive. When a crisis strikes, it is too late to start planning and stockpiling food and water, etc. Remember, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark! Southern Prepping Is A Reputation All hell can break loose, but southerners traditionally have jars of venison, jams and jellies stashed under the bed. And, there is plenty of canned flour and yeast on hand to bake “wonderful bread.” The common natural disasters they prepare for are fire, flood, tornado, and hurricane—that happen infrequently. However, it is the common everyday disasters that most people overlook such as job loss, prolonged illness, financial emergency, and temporary loss of income … Man made problems like civil unrest, terrorism, nuclear power plant explosion, chemical spills and volcanic eruptions also…

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