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rural survival


Rural Survival: The Negative Consequences Of Unemployment

Rural Survival

Rural Survival Is Your Birthright—To Eat By The Sweat Of Your Brow Life, unemployment and rural survival are equivalent and have necessary dependence on each other. By ignoring either one of these, negative consequences will follow. Unemployment is an economic condition that can cause homelessness, sleeping in a car, perpetual food stamps, begging, borrowing, hustling, stealing, uncontrollable crying, depression, hate, anger, stress, lost of self-esteem, deteriorating health, and estrangement from family … if it continues. Rural survival is the stimulus to exist until there is an opportunity to recover. It is also an inherent law of nature to provide necessities to stay alive. Beyonce and Bob Marley, among others, have sung about survival because it is in our DNA. No Easy Solutions To Unemployment Unemployment is the major reason for negative consequences. That is why I am using my editorial platform to raise the awareness of the power of rural…

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