Rural Blogging: Americans Blogging For Money What Else Is There

Rural Blogging Should Be A U.S. Dominated Community Because Information Is Money Rural blogging must become absolutely necessary to rural America, which is having difficulty growing its economy and maintaining its work force. Household incomes in rural America continue to fall behind those in suburban and urban areas. In order to compete with other communities in this information economy, and stop the ‘population brain drain’ seeking employment elsewhere, rural Americans must join the blogosphere to support your families and communities. China seems light years ahead of rural America in terms of helping its rural people make money on the Internet. The rest of the rural world is slowly starting to catch a ride on this rural blogging/information highway to money and success. What originally started in the U.S. with college educated, male-dominated bloggers, now include a multitude of ordinary suburban and urban people, male and female, of all races, blogging to stay…

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