How To Prevent Rare Breed Chicken Disease

Restrict Access To Your Property And Rare Breed Chickens Rare breed chicken keepers should be concerned about all poultry diseases not only Avian Influenza. When ordering your birds, make sure the hatchery have very stringent health procedures, vaccination program, and testing to ensure you receive healthy chicks. As a rare breed chicken keeper, you can help by following health guidelines recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture: 1. Keep Your Distance Restrict access to your property and your birds. Consider fencing off the area where your birds are, to form a barrier between “clean” and “dirty” areas. The clean area is the immediate area surrounding your birds, and the dirty or buffer area must be considered to be infected with germs, even if the birds appear healthy and disease free. Allow only people who take care of your birds to come into contact with them. Your caretakers should not…

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