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organic kitchen garden

I Grow What I Like To Eat Because I have a small 16 x 11 organic kitchen garden, I didn’t go overboard with my seed purchase, so I buy choice seeds for my organic kitchen garden. I have harvested several vegetable, fruit and flower seed supplements. Why Am I Gardening? Nothing taste better than home-grown produce; and in a crisis, our number one need is food, for survival. What Am I Planting? My organic kitchen garden seeds include: Botanical Interests Seeds – USDA Organic (2) Heirloom Swiss Chard/Ruby Red Rhubarb $1.89 (1) Sweet Corn $2.39 (1) Cucumber/Homemade Pickles $2.39 (1) Watermelon/Sugar Baby $1.99 (1) Summer Squash/Early Prolific Straightneck $2.39 (1) Winter Squash/Table King Acorn $1.79 (1) Dill/Bouquet $1.79 (1) Basil/Custom Blend $1.99 (1) Fennel/Florence Perfection $1.89 Self-Harvested Seeds Seedless Watermelon Pink Slut Flower Sunflower/Neighbor Giveaway Orange Meyer Lemon I enjoy viewing colorful garden catalogs with beautiful pictures of veggies etc….

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