Money Saving Resources: Get Every Dollar You Are Entitled To!

Money Saving Resources

Congress Says, “There Ain’t No Free Lunch”! Low to moderate-income rural Americans have been relying on money saving resources since the Great Depression. And still the need is great. And, the demand for resources is competitive. There has always been economic disparity in America, but the gap in rural America is widening. Many states are facing insolvency and Georgia’s budget is in the red, which means all of the people applying for public assistance, won’t get it. That is why hundreds of individuals are seeking free clinics and other money saving resources of affordable housing and food. In the last decade, the process of getting assistance became increasingly difficult. While some applicants are not discouraged, others have a very negative attitude about the steps necessary to get approval. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch That’s true because everything in America is paid for by its taxpaying citizens….

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