Homesteading As A Business: Is It Risky |

Homesteading As A Business Is Less Risky Than A J.O.B. First, most successful homesteaders will tell you that they have tremendous freedom, which is why they do homesteading as a business. They are producing most of their own food and enough to sell, and are their own boss. Also, I can tell you that homesteading as a business is less risky than working for others. What Is The Risk Of NOT Homesteading As A Business The risk is working and having one source of income! Employees are at risk, because they have a single source of income. What about the homesteader who sells organic vegetables, fresh eggs, small livestock for meat, poultry, honey, skills, knowledge, …? She or he may not have hundreds and hundreds of customers, but you can make a decent living when you work your passion. Actually, there is considerable financial risk in being a homesteader business…

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