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Heat Your Home Not The Outdoors – Rural Money

Ways To Heat Your Home, Not Outdoors Cold winters bring higher heating costs that quickly tear a hole in a family’s budget; so use these tips to heat your home, not the outdoors. Recently, gasoline, heating oil, propane and kerosene started rising. When gas goes up, so does its derivative products. Taking steps now to reduce your heating costs can make a huge difference, particularly if you have an older home. Older homes often have wonderful character, but these houses can cost three times as much to heat compared to energy efficient homes. My home was built in 1963, which I purchased in 2009. And, the first project I did was had it insulated from attic to crawl space. Improvements to heat your home can literally save you thousands of dollars a year. Heat Your Home With Insulation If your home is poorly insulated, then add additional insulation. It will…

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