How To Get Out Of Rural Poverty With The Internet And Stay Out

Get Out Of Rural Poverty With The Internet

Helping People Get Out Of Rural Poverty For Good The Internet is still an underestimated e-commerce tool that can be used as a leverage to help low-income people get out of rural poverty with the Internet. Rural poverty is like a deep hole in America; and it will take more than President Obama’s “vision of low-income families following a pathway to the middle class” to get out and make a similar income. The President’s words sound nice, but what pathway should rural families take? In order to get out of rural poverty, individuals need to get on a fast track; and the only high-speed pathway available is the “information super highway.” Fast Track Out Of Rural Poverty With The Internet The information super highway is an extensive electronic network used for the rapid transfer of information such as sound, video and graphics for Internet marketing, online marketing and affiliate marketing….

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