Find Money Saving Resources: 2017 Is The Year Of Austerity

2017 Will Require Belt Tightening I am a little late with this post, but the year is still a baby in terms of finding money saving resources to offset a year of austerity. In 2016, it was the recession, crisis, inflation, which had an impact on rural homesteaders everywhere. And, even though “they” were not talking about it, I could feel the effect of inflation in my purchase of goods and services. It was certainly an interesting political year. Most rural homesteaders have had to adjust the way you find money making and money saving ideas including me. Different website platforms were tried, different marketing and new systems put into place … everything I could think of to improve your experience with Yet, I am so appreciative of all the help I had, and the visitors who have followed my topsy turvy progress and stuck with me. That includes all of…

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