Financial Crash: Baby Boomers Beware Of Another Depression

We had a big financial crash in 2000 and then in 2008, which caught millions of baby boomer seniors in rural areas off guard. Financial market gurus are predicting another full-blown financial crash as just a matter of time. And it’s going to be the biggest of all. Even President Trump says, “The global economy is an enormous credit bubble.” Moreover, the economy was re-inflated after 2008 by historic low interest rates and quantitative easing. Once it pops, the world could be plunged into a new Great Depression. While I don’t know when it will happen, it will devastate baby boomers. It will be like an avalanche. What Are The Signs Of A Financial Crash? The Wall Street foreshocks are sounding right now. We’ve already had two substantial sell-offs this year and we’re seeing major swings in the market. Yes, a depression is coming. The world is waking up to…

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