Congress Passes $42.4 Billion Consumer Rebate Program

2016 Federal Consumer Rebate Program Urgent for anyone who buys anything in 2016:Ā  119 million taxpaying Americans can now get a cash rebate on virtually every single 2016 purchase under the Federal Consumer Rebate Program. Late on Friday, December 18, 2015, President Obama quietly signed a new 233-page federal consumer rebate program giving every taxpaying American the Right to Collect a Cash Rebate on Nearly Every Single Purchase Made in 2016. There was little fanfare. After all, it was the weekend before Christmas, and most of the White House reporters had already gone home for the holidays. But buried deep inside the act, in Section 106, is a hidden bombshell… one that I believe deserves your immediate attention. Again, it contains a federal consumer rebate program that Gives Every Taxpaying American the Right to Collect a ā€œCash Rebateā€ on Nearly EVERY Single Purchase Made in 2016. This is not a…

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