estate sale agreement


Estate Sale Agreement

Estate Sale – Estate Liquidation Services Agreement Template SELLER My Estate Sale Company 111 My Address City, State 55555 Tel: (555) 555-5555 myemailaddress@uknowwhere.com CLIENT Jim Doeman (Executor) 222 His Address City, State 55551 Tel: (555) 555-5551 jdoeman@uknowwhere.com This is an estate sale agreement to sell the [contents or partial contents] of the above listed home. The undersigned understand and agree to the following: DEFINITIONS ā€œClientā€ includes legal owners, executors, trustees and administrator or other persons authorized by letters of administration to represent an estate. ā€œSellerā€ refers to the services hired by the Client, performed by [My Estate Sale Company]. Seller is responsible for all aspects that lead up to and result in the final sale and is entitled to a commission as defined by this contract. SERVICES [My Estate Sale Company] prepares for and conducts estate sales or liquidation sales, provide consulting services and/or consigning services in the manner agreed…

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