estate sale agreement


Estate Sale Agreement

Estate Sale – Estate Liquidation Services Agreement Template SELLER My Estate Sale Company 111 My Address City, State 55555 Tel: (555) 555-5555 myemailaddress@uknowwhere.com CLIENT Jim Doeman (Executor) 222 His Address City, State 55551 Tel: (555) 555-5551 jdoeman@uknowwhere.com This is an estate sale agreement to sell the [contents or partial contents] of the above listed home. The undersigned understand and agree to the following: DEFINITIONS “Client” includes legal owners, executors, trustees and administrator or other persons authorized by letters of administration to represent an estate. “Seller” refers to the services hired by the Client, performed by [My Estate Sale Company]. Seller is responsible for all aspects that lead up to and result in the final sale and is entitled to a commission as defined by this contract. SERVICES [My Estate Sale Company] prepares for and conducts estate sales or liquidation sales, provide consulting services and/or consigning services in the manner agreed…

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