More Creative Ways To Save Rural Money On Your Homestead

Creative Ways To Save Money

Creative Ways To Save Rural Money In 2017 And Beyond If you are a do-it-yourself homesteader, then you are looking for creative ways to save rural money and these ideas will help you get the most out of your homestead. Shop for clothing at thrift shops (especially for young kids). Look for gently worn or even new clothes for 1/10 the price of new (or less). Pay your bills online. It’s protected and you can save on stamps. Put your kids on the school bus rather than driving them to school. Slipcover or reupholster older furniture for a quick update rather than buying expensive new furniture. It’s très chic! Refinish furniture and/or decorate with new paint. Use older and broken furniture to make a unique piece. Take your lunch to work every day! Make your meals in bulk and then freeze them in smaller containers to save even more money….

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