How To Collect Social Security Benefits If You’re Under 65

Steps To Take To Collect From Social Security If You Are Under 65 If you become unable to work because of physical or mental disability, you become eligible to collect social security benefits for disability insurance. Social Security has two disability programs. One, SSI (Supplementary Social Security) is based on need and is a type of national welfare benefit. The other, OASDI (Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance) is the basic social security insurance program into which workers pay the FICA tax. The disability guidelines for acceptance are the same for both programs, except you don’t have to prove financial need for the basic OASDI program. You’re eligible if you worked and paid into the system for 20 quarters out of the last 40 and have the necessary work credit, depending on your age. Benefits are based on what you’ve paid into the system. If you haven’t paid into the…

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